Bipasha Basu’s Advice on Love, Marriage & Life Is So On Point, It Is Worth Taking Notes!

Bipasha Basu’s Advice on Love, Marriage & Life Is So On Point, It Is Worth Taking Notes!

From wowing the audience with her acting prowess as an outsider to beautifully encouraging a fit lifestyle to many, Bipasha Basu has always been our preferred favourite for her bindaas attitude. In a recent interview in HT, the dusky actress spoke about love, life and marriage, which surely left a lasting impression on us. We thought of compiling the best from her interview, that we bet, will make every millennial smile with joy!

1. Being alone isn’t bad either!

‘I feel that love has the right time and if you’re supposed to meet someone you will and if you’re not, it’s ok. Life is not too bad being alone also.’

2. Your marriage should solely be a decision made out of your personal choice!

‘Everyone says that you should get married in time otherwise you’ll die alone and then you need to have kids also. I think people should wake up to the fact that you die alone.’

3. Inner happiness is the key to a fulfilling marriage!

‘You need to be happy within first, and only then can you be happy with another person.’

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4. Sometimes life showers you with surprises!

‘I was pretty much ok not marrying, but I met someone who wanted to get married and we were completely in sync.  We had spent a lot of time together- so it just happened. We didn’t plan it or anything.’

5. There is some truth to the statement that the older we marry, our choice bracket keeps getting smaller!

‘The older you get, the more rigid you become with the way you are. So when you have to share your room with someone, like I married late, you think, “Umm. Is this really necessary?’

6. You’re lucky if you partner loves the way you are!

‘You really don’t want to change yourself. Luckily, I didn’t want to change anything in him (Karan Singh Grover) and neither did he want to change anything in me. But everyone is not so lucky!’

7. A long term relationship might not always turn into a happily ever after!

I’m pretty old school, and for the longest time I was dating only one person. It sounded like it was never ending. I haven’t had too many boyfriends, when I was single, it seemed like I was 16 again, because every single boy who was my friend or even who wasn’t, asked me out. And I was actually scared and shy.’

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8. Friends are the pillars we need!

‘My friends were very protective of me; they rejected all the boys saying some were too short, too tall, bad teeth. They were really mean, but I avoided the whole dating game that time thanks to them.’

9. Not always can you be friends with your exes!

‘If your ex is an as***** it’s not possible. But if your ex is a good human being and things didn’t gel well between you, then of course it’s possible, but it depends.’

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