An Open Letter To The Man Who Paid Good Money For A Ridiculous Matrimonial Ad

An Open Letter To The Man Who Paid Good Money For A Ridiculous Matrimonial Ad

Dear Dude Who Actually Paid Good Money For That Ridiculous Ad,

This morning I woke up to something that isn't really new to me - misogyny and sexism. It's almost a daily part of every woman's life. Even the most aware man is sometimes sexist, but as long as he works to change it, I've got no complaints. But you, you blow my mind. I've attached a copy of your ad so that the world knows exactly who I'm talking to and why!

1 sexist sanskaari

Source: Twitter

First of all, let's start at your 'Rig & Atharva Vedic Background Of Warrior Caste' i.e Kshatriya! Excuse me, what? You want an 'attractive bride with high aspirations' but your only qualification is your Kshatriya caste? No woman with high aspiration will care about that, but instead she'll actually want you to tell her what your educational qualifications are. Love how your entitlement lets you believe that you are actually deserving of a woman who is doing well for herself. Thanks for the 'no dowry required' though, it makes everything better!

My next issue with your ad is the demand for a bride below 26 years of age STRICTLY while you are 37. Do you really think that's normal? Like what's up with the creepiness? And what's wrong with women on the other side of 26? Aren't they attractive? I usually don't feel like age is in consideration when it comes to love, but this is an extremely creepy ad so I'll make an exception.

Also, what's up with wanting a 'non-feminist' wife who is a 'good cook'? Are you scared that if she's a feminist, she'll never let you treat her like house help? Or that she might actually expect you to help around with domestic duties since she clearly has 'high aspirations' and might want to make something out of herself. Your eight-figure salary clearly is no compensation for your extreme stupidity and ignorance. #SorryNotSorry

4 sexist sanskaari

But I'm not going to restrict this open letter to just you. This is for every man who, from the depths of their depravity, screams to the world that he has no reason to settle for a wife who does not match his high sanskaari standards. If she's not a virgin, she's damaged goods; if she wears short clothes, she's a slut; if she drinks and smokes, she is immoral and if she speaks her mind, she's high maintenance. All these qualities would automatically qualify men as 'cool' but when it comes to women, all hell breaks loose. She dare not break conventions and cross the Lakshman Rekha. 

I am a feminist and I'm proud of it. Let me reiterate the fact that feminists DO NOT hate men. Feminists hate the thought process that places the value of a woman, her choices and her opinions lower than that of a man's. Asking to be treated equally to our male counterparts is not a crime - it is our right! Every person needs to be a feminist. Especially when it comes to marriages in India that make you think that a man has the right to treat a woman, who he now owns, as a maid, a whore and his own punching bag instead of a partnership of two equal human beings. Do not go on a witch hunt to track down every feminist because we outnumber you and will easily take you down. Our only weapon is logic and there is nothing that beats that!

3 sexist sanskaari

So Mr, you do not need a wife. You need a break - from your inflated sense of self, from your toxic masculinity and from your own self. But forget need, you don't deserve a wife. There is no woman out there who I'd ask to take one for the team because every life is precious. You need to change your ways and up your game because the future is female. Women are coming for you all with a vengeance and you've just made yourself our first target. 

No love,

A Woman Who Was Thoroughly Disgusted By That Goddamn Ad

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