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Written In The Stars: Your Perfect Lip Colour, According To Your Zodiac

Written In The Stars: Your Perfect Lip Colour, According To Your Zodiac

Today is lipstick day and what better way to celebrate than to bring home a brand new lippie, right? These tiny, but magical makeup products have the power to brighten up your mood even on the gloomiest of days. Now that I have convinced you to gift yourself a new lipstick, you’ll probably need help with finding the perfect shade for you. Don’t worry, you can always count on your zodiac sign to help you pick!

The Lipstick Shade Should You Totally Rock According To Your Zodiac Sign

Remember ladies, a lipstick colour is a reflection of your zodiac’s personality!


You are confident, beautiful and charismatic. When you put on red lipstick, people take notice. Red symbolises power and leadership and those are qualities written in your DNA.


You’re smart, sensitive and coy and people find that adorable about you! You don’t wear makeup to impress others, for you, it’s a form of self-expression. Vintage pink is a colour that defines your sophisticated personality. 


You’re a fun soul who has good energy. A bright pink lipstick will serve as an extension of your bubbly personality. It will radiate good vibes and fetch you a ton of compliments too. 


You gravitate towards deep colours because your energy identifies with it. A maroonish shade is a mood by itself and will complement your visionary personality.  


When you walk, heads turn. That’s because you’re brewing with confidence and strong energy. You are charismatic as hell and people can’t help but fall in love with you for it. A metallic lippie shade is your makeup soulmate!


You’re full of giggles and hugs! You speak your mind and are a delight to be around with. Your happy-go-lucky attitude resonates with a peachy lipstick because that too stands for innocence and fun.


You want a lip colour that you can wear to work, on a date night and to brunch with your girls. You’re a minimalist and practical at the same time. Hence, a neutral lippie shade with a hint of pink checks all the right boxes for you!


You’re fun, sexy and hella charming. You can trap anyone in your love spell and they’ll always have a special spot in their heart for you. A deep red lipstick shade will double the charm effect!


You’re a very positive and assertive person. You take one day at a time and truly do justice to every minute of your life. You naturally gravitate to bright, energetic colours like coral! The colour defines your personality perfectly.


You’re a practical person who likes the fine things in life. Nothing tacky or too loud, you want to all things luxe, baby! A pretty brown lipstick colour will amplify your expensive taste in makeup.


You love livin’ life young, wild and free! Freedom is as important as air is to you. You like happy, fun colours that define the fun side of you and this pretty nude-pink is all about happy vibes.


There’s a side to you that no one knows. You are a deep thinker who cares too much for your friends and family. You’re also a witty sign who knows a bunch of interesting information about the world! Purple as a lipstick colour will highlight your sexy geeky personality. 

We hope your zodiac sign helped you find your perfect lipstick shade! Happy shopping y’all!

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28 Jul 2020

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