10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Love Food But… Can’t Cook!

Akanksha BhatiaAkanksha Bhatia  |  Mar 19, 2018
10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Love Food But… Can’t Cook!


Falling in love is easy, I fall in love every single day. Today it could be momos, tomorrow pani puri – either way, I’m always surrounded by what I love the most. Food! But there are certain perils of being a great foodie but a terrible cook and I certainly face them all. Here is a list of 10 things you’ll relate to if you love food, but can’t cook – just like me! 

1. You Love Watching Masterchef 

Just because you can’t cook doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate all the yummy food out there. Masterchef is to you what Crime Patrol is to your mother. 

01 love food

2. You’re Constantly Dissecting Food 

Every time you go out to eat, you try dissecting the ingredients that have been used to make the dish. Hoping someday you’ll recreate it, but we both know that isn’t happening. 

3. Your Knowledge Is Commendable 

You basically know all there is to know about food, spices, and exotic vegetables. You probably even know the difference between vegetables and organic vegetables! And you often use your food wisdom to impress people.

03 love food

4. You Have Had Way Too Many Failed Midnight Cooking Attempts

There are days when you’re struck by a sudden moment of motivation and you decide to cook a midnight meal for yourself. This usually results in a bowl of cornflakes, but at least you tried.

5. YouTube Food Videos Galore

#FoodPorn is a legit part of your life, your YouTube homepage is a series of waffle and pizza recommendations, and you love it. All the best ones being saved for the day you know you’ll make them!

05 love food

6. Overflowing Noodle Recipes 

Because ready-to-eat noodles are all you know to cook, you basically have a million recipes that don’t require anything more. Add a few sauces, oregano and you’re the next MasterChef! 

7. You Save Up Money For Food Experiences 

You go out of your way and save up money for fancy restaurants where you can explore a new cuisine, your way of treating yourself. 

07 love food

8. So Many Ingredients 

Every ingredient needed to cook a great recipe can be found in your kitchen cupboard. But the boxes often expire and you’re left ordering in Chinese takeaway food. 

9. Appreciation For People Who Can Cook

That one friend who can cook becomes your BFF and you often rely on them to make you dinner on your broke days. 

09 love food

10. Food Walks Are Necessary 

Food walks around the hottest hubs in the city are your ideal dates, where you can eat in good company. 

Get cooking, good looking! 

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