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ICYMI: Yami Gautam Cut Her Hair Super Short This Summer & Here’s How You Can Get It Too!

ICYMI: Yami Gautam Cut Her Hair Super Short This Summer & Here’s How You Can Get It Too!

We totally missed this catastrophic hair makeover this summer and we could kick ourselves. Yami Gautam took her long tresses to the salon and got a chic bob instead! I am in awe! Of course for the obvious reason first, that I die if an inch is cut, so to go this short it commendable. But also the way her hair is now effortlessly styled. 

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But don’t think that just because it is short, it is easy. Short hair cannot be scrunched up into a messy bun or ponytail when it is unbearably hot outside. To top that uncomfortable feeling is if you have to heat style your hair for something. That’s what you gotta love about short hair, you can style it beautifully WITHOUT heat and get away with it for any occasion or non-occasion. 

Here are a few holy grail tips for you, yes you with the short hair, to style your hair and make it look as effortless as Yami. 

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1. Start at the roots

You have to make sure you are using a lighter, clarifying and cleansing shampoo to get rid of the oil and dust buildup in the sultry months! If you cleanse your hair well and use the right conditioner, half your styling battles are won right there. 

2. Do not pile on products

Listen, while your hair does need TLC, during the summer it needs lightweight products so it isn’t weighed down. Keep it minimal, just a serum, dry shampoo or a texturising spray should be enough!

3. Think outside the box!

You don’t want to add more heat to your hair when there is so much of it on the outside already. Instead, you use overnight styling and good ‘ol air to style your hair. Divide your hair into small sections and tie them all in small buns, you will wake up to tight curls. All you need to do after is to use sea salt spray and scrunch. Not up for the tight curls? Just spray your hair and scrunch anyway to add a natural bounce to your mane. 

YES, it is that simple to go heat free this season!

Images: Instagram

12 Jun 2018

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