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This Y2K-Inspired Skunk Striped Hair Trend Will Give Your Mane The Upgrade It Deserves

This Y2K-Inspired Skunk Striped Hair Trend Will Give Your Mane The Upgrade It Deserves

Skunk Stripe Hair is back, and it’s brighter than ever. A Y2K-favourite, this trend was fashioned by the likes of Cindy Crawford and Avril Lavigne back in the day in all of its colour-blocking glory. Think pops of colour contrasting jet-black hair. Recent iterations of the style are a little different—cue shades of blonde, red, and green coming into bloom on the hair, and blending in with your natural hair-colour—and adoptees include Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and multiple other A-listers.

If you’re looking to elevate your look without going overboard, this trend fits the bill. You can wear it any way you want—face-framing, underneath your hair, or peeping from the back . Here’s how our all-time favourite celebrities have sported this style.

Skunk Funk: All Of Skunk Stripe Hair’s Celeb-Approved Iterations


BLACKPINK’s Jennie had debuted this two-toned ‘do a while ago—with face-framing pieces of blonde grazing her face, and some of it swept back into a bun. Though Jennie has moved on from this style, it reigned supreme—and, according to the singer’s hairstylist, took about eighteen hours to complete.

Bella Hadid

Bella is a proponent of everything Y2K-related—notice how her eyebrows descend upon her forehead in razor-thin stripes, and her hair sing to the praises of stretch-comb headbands. The American model further played into the aesthetic when she dyed the front of her hair fiery-red. You can experiment with different colours—there are no rules when it comes to this trend.

Doja Cat

If you’re looking for something subtle that’ll elevate your look just the right amount, this Doja-approved style is a must. She has dyed a couple of strands at the front, and left the rest of her hair untouched.

Billie Eilish

Billie’s aesthetic was once centred around streaks of green sprouting out of her roots, and dripping down to her jet-black strands. The Happier Than Ever, Oscar-winning singer has debuted colours like icy-blonde, teal, purple, and blue in the past as well, but this one reigns supreme. Instead of colouring just the front of your hair, you can wear this trend the way that Eilish did.

Dua Lipa

When Dua appeared at the 2020 Grammys with streaks of blonde framing her face, she resurrected this trend almost immediately. This one’s chunky, bold, and bright, and the contrast between the two colours is striking. If you’re looking for something dramatic, but don’t want to commit to styling your entire hair, this one’s for you.

Who wore which look best?

Featured Image: Instagram

23 Jun 2022

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