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5 WTF Skincare Trends We Hope Don’t Make It To 2022

5 WTF Skincare Trends We Hope Don’t Make It To 2022

We have said it before, and we will say it again- 2021 was the year of skincare and revolutionising formulas. While we hit major milestones with sunscreen and barrier protective skincare, we also had a couple of hard misses. Today we will be highlighting 5 of these skincare blunders that we’re dropping with 2021. As we step towards 2022, we aim at gentler, safer and more effective skincare, that is exempt from these skincare mistakes. We made a list for you to check off before you enter the next year with any of these demons.

The Not Nice List

Physical Exfoliators

The biggest skincare devil of them all- physical scrubs. 2021 is about to get over and we are left questioning why people are still obsessed with harsh, barrier destroying scrubs? Your favourite apricot and walnut scrubs are scraping on your skin harshly, and ruining your skin barrier’s capacity to retain moisture, hydration or any skincare product you put on it. If you’re still on these, you gotta ditch this bi*tch ASAP.

Replace it with: Chemical exfoliants

Nose Pore Strips

Nose pore strips were a rage in the 2000s and should’ve stayed there. With evolved skincare Science, we not only have one but many ways to dissolve and get rid of blackheads in a much gentler and easier way. Nose pore strips stick on sensitive skin with adhesive and pull hard on it, rarely catching any blackhead, but harming the skin in great amounts.

Replace it with: Salicylic acid-based products

30-Step Skincare Routines

The saying is less is more, not more is better. It is understandable to have multiple steps in your skincare routine to target various underlying concerns but the trend of having some 25 steps in your skincare routine every single day is a bit much, to say the least. Your skin needs a break too! Skip unnecessary steps in your routine, use multifunctional products, and keep your skincare simple.

Replace it with: A simple CTM routine + targeted care for your skin concerns


The Obsession With Natural Beauty

Let’s get this one fact clear – everything in this Universe is made up of chemicals. Chemicals are not always bad. The demonizing of any chemical in skincare was done solely with the purpose of selling more ‘natural’ products. Do not fall for this trap and lather your skin with ineffective skincare, and invest in promising formulas that deliver.

Replace it with: Simple skincare for your specific concern

Over-Dosing On Chemical Exfoliation

Yeah, yeah, we all love our chemical exfoliants here. However, too much of something is never good. Overuse of chemical exfoliants can lead to extra sensitization of your skin, a broken skin barrier, and sometimes acne breakouts as well. Keep your skincare routine balanced for achieving the optimum health of your skin.

Replace it with: Barrier repairing skincare products

Which skincare trend in 2021 made you go WTF?

Featured Image: Pexels

28 Dec 2021

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