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People Are Actually Trying Urine Therapy For Acne & We Don’t Know How We Feel About It

People Are Actually Trying Urine Therapy For Acne & We Don’t Know How We Feel About It

From toothpaste to essential oils, people have experimented with anything and everything under the sun to get rid of their acne. But how far is too far? Should we stop at kitchen ingredients, or do our DIYs hold the potential to explore a little more of the natural world of ingredients? While we contemplate whether or not to take our vanity into the kitchen, some masterminds took theirs to the bathroom. Yes, you read that right- the bathroom.

A few skincare enthusiasts claim that urine can work to cure your acne. Writing this statement itself seems so wild beyond our imagination, that we are fact-checking as we go! We got a dermatologist on board to verify (or refute) these out-of-the-world skincare tactics, and the science behind them. While we are still wondering how would one even get to experimenting with urine for acne, here are Dr Chytra Anand’s opinion on it. What better person to demystify weird beauty trends than a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist? We’re sure she has seen her fair share of absurd beauty trends, right? Turns out, this skincare fad needs to be flushed right down the toilet!


Do you think this urine for acne makes sense dermatologically?

Dr Chytra says, “It makes absolutely no sense nor is it scientifically viable to use urine on the skin for treating acne. This is more of a trend on paper that has been amplified by the media and articles for sensationalism. When we actually look at it there is hardly anybody who would actually put urine on your face for acne.”

Why would pee not work on clearing acne?

The celebrity dermatologist explains, “Urine is basically water with urea. It tends to be acidic in nature and is non-sterile which means it has different kinds of bacteria in it so using this solution can actually lead to more breakouts and infections rather than curing the skin or healing the acne on the skin.”

What can be the side effects of using urine or active acne?

According to Dr Chytra, “Urine does not work on clearing acne or anything else on the skin because it contains some amount of urea. Urea is an emollient that helps to soften the skin but urine doesn’t have urea in a healthy quantity to do any sort of good work on the skin. Urine also contains some amount of ammonia which is harmful to the skin barrier function.”


What are some safe ways to clear acne at home?

Dr Chytra explains that we should always remember that acne is a medical condition and, not just a cosmetic condition. She says that there are various causes of acne from bacterial infection to hormonal imbalance to stress. Finding the cost for acne is the key to curing acne and this requires the help of a dermatologist or a skin doctor. At home what one can do is use a pH-balanced cleanser followed by an anti-acne serum that has as, salicylic acid, niacinamide, azelaic acid retinol liposome, zinc to help subside the acne.

Another important thing is to use a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic on a daily basis, and use a skin exfoliation with salicylic acid. A facial kit once every two to three weeks depending on the severity of the acne and some oral treatment advice by your dermatologist.

She finally adds, “My honest suggestion always is if you have acne, see a skin doctor get a consultation take the medication for three months, and then stick to home care.”

If we’re reading it right, acne needs to be taken care of by the specialists. So stop trying to ‘treat’ your acne at home with internet sensationalizing tactics- bizarre or non-bizarre, and hit the nearest skin specialist for doctor-recommended care and cure.

Featured Image: Pexels

20 Dec 2021

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