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You Glow Girl: 8 Ways To Feel More Confident In Your Own Skin

You Glow Girl: 8 Ways To Feel More Confident In Your Own Skin

In today’s age of face altering filters, skin-perfecting editing apps and handpicked glossy moments of people’s lives highlighted on the internet, one is bound to feel a little insecure. This sense of insecurity weighs a bit heavy when it comes to beauty standards. If you’re someone who goes through something similar, just know that you’re not alone. Many of us go through different levels of insecurities when we come across people flaunting their perfect skin texture, glossy complexion and even tone, unedited or edited. So, the next time you scroll past a gleaming makeup-free selfie of a beauty influencer or a friend, kick insecurities out by replacing them with confidence.

Simple Ways You Can Boost Your Confidence

Here are some simple ways you can feel more confident in your own skin:


Become Self Aware

Becoming aware of your skin will not only help you counter your skin problems in a much better way, but can also help you in coming to terms with your flaws. This way you can accept things like acne, pigmentation, dark spots and fine lines as a part of your skin, making you more confident in your skin.

Build A Skincare Routine


While a skincare routine will help you keep your skin healthier, it will also instil a habit of self-love in your daily activity. Consider a ritualistic skincare routine as a self-care practice that will be a daily reminder of the love and effort your body makes in the healthy functioning of your body.


Pamper Your Skin

Give your skin a break from your daily makeup, sunscreen routines, and pamper it with an at-home or an in-office spa day. Your skin deserves a break too, and pampering it with some extra care will only help you relax more. Haven’t you heard, happy girls are the prettiest!

Start Your Day With Affirmations

“You are so used to your own features, you don’t know how beautiful you are to a stranger.” Another quote could not have explained the importance of affirmations any better. Start your day with positive affirmations about your skin to remind yourself of your natural beauty. Starting your morning with a dose of positivity can help boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful in your skin.


Focus On Hydration


We hear people advising to drink water for n number of problems – weight management, acne issues, stress problems and whatnot. As annoying as it sounds, hydration does in fact plays a crucial role in balancing your body’s pH level, maintaining your body’s temperature and keeping your skin hydrated and protected. Focus on staying hydrated and you won’t have time to compare yourselves with people on the internet because you will be peeing all day anyway!

Practice Self Love & Gratitude

Apart from external acts of appreciation for your own skin, self-love can be practised by gratitude. Start your journey of gratitude by being thankful for a body that functions in a healthy way and the beauty that you’ve been blessed with naturally. Once you start counting your blessings, comparison induced problems that function on anxiety will be soon sidelined.


Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is proven to make your skin healthier, and infuse a feeling of confidence within individuals. Just like a skincare routine, daily exercise can boost your confidence and make you feel much more comfortable in your own skin.

Talk To Your Friends


Surrounding yourselves with positivity is a must, and that’s when your friends and family can help. Open up about your insecurities and issues within a closed circle which makes you feel safe, and you’ll find motivation and positivity for answers. Let your reasons for skin insecurities lose with healing conversations, and you will see yourself feeling more confident in your own skin.


Invest in skincare that suits your skin’s needs to begin your journey of boosting your confidence. Here are some of our favourites:

Which is your favourite self-care hack that instantly makes you feel confident in your skin?


Featured Image: Pexels

17 Dec 2021
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