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Boujie Much? 6 Gold-Infused Products That Are The True Definition Of Skin-Vestment

Boujie Much? 6 Gold-Infused Products That Are The True Definition Of Skin-Vestment

Spilling facts: Whenever we come across gold-infused skincare, some magical force binds us to believe that it is going to work wonders on our skin. Is it just us? It can’t be just us, right? When we think of gold-infused skincare, we think of glowing skin, illuminated complexion and radiant skin tone. Unfortunately, most of these generic gold-infused skincare products are definitely not ‘gold standard’. So we decided to put some of the best-selling gold skincare products to the test, to save you and your skin the trouble of bad skinvestments.

Tried, Tested & Loved

Here’s a list of skincare products that have been tried, tested and proved to be rightly deserving of the term ‘gold’ in their title. These gold-infused skincare products are the true skinvestments of skincare addicts!


Gold Investment

St.Botanica never misses a chance to impress, and this 24K Gold Face Mask hits it right out of the park. It is a formulation of pure 24K gold, retinol, collagen and hyaluronic acid that will not only give your skin a natural glow but will reserve its youthful radiance.

Moisture For Day$

A perfect choice for dry skin divas, this hydrating gel can help quench your skin and keep it balanced. Infused with gold particles, this aqua gel keeps the skin refreshed, cool and retains its natural glow. Its lightweight gel texture gets quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves it soft and supple.

For A GOLDen Radiance

This Forest Essential face cream is the true definition of luxurious Ayurveda. It is infused with 24K gold, saffron, ghee and liquorice extracts that help in deeply nourishing the skin. Its rich formula can help smoothen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and defies early signs of ageing on the skin. It also has SPF that protects your skin’s glow from the harmful rays of the sun.

24K Care

Snail skincare is the epitome of Korean skincare. Add that with India’s most popular skincare luxury – 24K gold, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for skin that looks like a million bucks!

Glow On The Go

Formulated with 24K gold, niacinamide, fermented rice, peptides and antioxidant powder, this face cream is all you need for skin with a radiant glow to the max.

Skincare Treat (Literally)

If you like the gold lining on kaju katli, you’re going to love this skincare product. This skincare gold sheet (which is also edible BTW) can help reduce collagen depletion, acne inflammation and infuse radiance and glow in your skin.

Which gold investment are you preparing for?

Featured Image: Pexels

13 Dec 2021

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