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WTF! Anupama Might Forgive Vanraj & Give Their Marriage Another Chance & We’re So Disappointed

WTF! Anupama Might Forgive Vanraj & Give Their Marriage Another Chance & We’re So Disappointed

If there’s one daily soap we cannot get enough of, it’s Anupama. The show has kept us on our toes for weeks now, and we can’t help but try to keep an eye out for updates. A few days ago, Vanraj finally realised how toxic his wife Kavya is and served her with divorce papers. NGL, we totes didn’t expect their relationship to crumble so soon, but we’re glad that Kavya finally got what she deserved. TBH, we were beginning to get a little tired of watching her create trouble for everyone in their home due to her insecurities. We were also beginning to feel a tad bit sorry for Vanraj! However, as expected, Kavya hasn’t agreed to the divorce, and we hear that once the two part ways, there’s a major plot twist in store for us! And not a good one!

The latest buzz is that Anupama might forgive Vanraj for everything he’s done and the two might give their marriage another chance. We wonder if this is the reason the makers have been focusing on Vanraj and Anupama’s growing friendship for the past few weeks? Sadly, if this happens, it means that Anuj and Anupama’s story will end even before it gets a chance to begin. 


TBH, we’ve been hooked to the show because it’s been refreshing to watch a doormat bahu grow a spine and stand up for herself! Whether it’s divorcing her cheating husband or calling her in-laws out for their misogynist attitude, we’re glad that the makers of the show have been finally giving us the content we deserve. We’re definitely not ready to watch Anupama try to fix things with Vanraj and fall in the same trap all over again. 

Here’s hoping the rumours are false, and Anupama and Anuj get the happy ending they deserve! 

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07 Dec 2021

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