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Wait, What?! 7 Infuriating Moments From Anupama That Made Us Want To Throw The Remote

Wait, What?! 7 Infuriating Moments From Anupama That Made Us Want To Throw The Remote

We seem to have cracked the success code of Hindi TV serials—an adarsh bahu responsible for all the household chores, a saas with no real job other than to harass her DIL, and a good-for-nothing husband. From Sasural Simar Ka to Anupama, that’s literally the plotline for most of the Indian TV shows. Don’t act so surprised at the mention of Anupama. We get that the show promises to be progressive but TBH, it falls flat in that department. Instead, it glorifies the same conservative ideas that we are tired of watching. 

Still not convinced? Read on!

7 Annoying Things We Saw On Anupama

Here are seven infuriating things from the serial that prove that it is no different from other shows on TV. 

When Anupama Puts Up With Vanrajs’ Cheating Ways


When Anupama gets to know about her husband’s affair, she is devastated. However, instead of calling him out or asking him to leave the house, she tolerates his extramarital affair just because she doesn’t want her in-laws to get embarrassed. Seriously? What are you thinking woman?! His parents sure need to know what their son is up to!

When Vanraj Expects Kavya To Do The Household Chores Because They Are Married


We’re beginning to think it’s the 1800s and not late 2021. Vanraj expects Kavya to work all day and then come home and cook for him and take care of his family because she is his wife now. Really? We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again—household chores are not a ‘woman’s responsibility—both partners should be contributing towards them! 

When Leela Tortures Anupama:


Leela has been downright mean and inhuman to Anupama since forever. She keeps finding faults in everything her DIL does and keeps taunting and yelling at her without any reason. Her excuse? “Mein toh saas hu aur saas toh taane hi deti hai na.” No, just no! That’s not what any MIL should be doing just because she is someone’s saas. Period! 

When Anupama Glorifies Taking Care Of The House Single-Handedly:


If you thought Anupama is the ideal housewife and there isn’t a flaw in her character, then we hate to break it to you—there’s plenty of problematic things about her! Apparently, the woman has the patience of a saint and can tolerate taunts and insults from all her family members. Her job is to take care of everyone and neglect her own happiness and mental health. She even forgives her husband when he kicks her out for visiting a friend.

That’s not all, she constantly glorifies taking care of the house single-handedly while working full-time as a teacher. I mean it’s okay to not want to work at times or to need a break, but no, she wants to be the ideal bahu every day. And if all this isn’t enough, after divorcing Vanraj, she continues to live in his house and put up with his new wife’s drama. Self-respect, where art thou? 

When Vanraj Keeps Stringing Kavya Along


Let us try to uncomplicate this love triangle to you. Vanraj and Anupama are happily married. Vanraj falls for Kavya and has an extramarital affair with her. Anupama divorces him so that he could marry Kavya. But no, Vanraj changes his mind and begs Anupama to take him back while promising to marry Kavya at the same time! What even? He finally marries Kavya when Anupama ‘forces’ him. He even dares to blame both the women for ruining his life when in reality he is the asli fasad ki jadh! TBH, Kavya deserves so much better. 

When Pakhi Refuses To Address Her Mother In Public:


When will the makers of TV serials understand that there are other ways to create sympathy for the protagonists of the show? This is not the only way to make the audience feel sorry for a character. Take Pakhi for instance, she refuses to acknowledge her mother because her mother is uneducated and not modern enough for her. Like father, like daughter? Pakhi constantly disrespects her mum and laughs at her for her simple ways. Can someone please make this character go away already?

When Vanraj Blames Anupama For His Life:


Where do we even begin with Vanraj and his ungentlemanly ways? Instead of being grateful to his wife for taking care of their house so well, Vanraj keeps torturing Anupama for ruining his life. He blames her for being uneducated when in reality he is the one who did not ‘allow’ her to complete her education. He blames her for not being aware of the world when in reality he doesn’t allow her to step foot outside their home. Heck, he even blames her for his affair. Is it 1950 or 2021, again? 

It’s high time the makers of such shows understand the impact it has on people’s mindsets. We’re honestly done with shows glorifying patriarchy. Here’s hoping TV serials produce quality content and promote healthy relationships. These saas-bahu dramas need to go ASAP!

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20 Jul 2021

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