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Is Anuj’s Story Coming To An End On Anupama? Here’s What Actor Gaurav Khanna Has To Say

Is Anuj’s Story Coming To An End On Anupama? Here’s What Actor Gaurav Khanna Has To Say

I have a confessionーI’ve never been a fan of Indian daily soaps, but I’ve been hooked to Anupama ever since it went on-air. Yes, I did have plenty of issues with the doormat bahu who couldn’t take a stand for herself at the beginning, but then the plot changed for good. The adarsh DIL divorced her cheating husband and set out to discover herself. And, it only got better! A woman who could never utter a word in front of her family is not afraid to speak her mind today. We love how she has finally stepped out of her home, started working and made a new friend too. 

Speaking of the friend, I’ve been loving the new story arc featuring Anupama and Anuj. They look adorable together and their chemistry is absolutely amazing. Gaurav Khanna does an excellent job as Anup Kapadia and we cannot think of anybody else who could’ve played the character as well as he has. Wondering why we’re talking about this all of a sudden? It’s because Gaurav might quit the show soon and we’re feeling disappointed AF!


Rupali Ganguli, who plays the character of Anupama on the show, went live on Instagram recently. She gave us a sneak-peek of the sets, and spoke to members of the show including Ketki Walawalkar, the creative director. In a segment of the live video, Gaurav turns towards Ketki and reveals, “So Ketki has planned an exit for Anuj. And she has told me today. Ketki please tell them na what you told me today morning.” 

Before Ketki could respond, Rupali quickly added, “Rubbish, you are going to say all those things on camera?” She made it clear that he was joking and also mentioned that Anuj’s track isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. Phew! Gotta love Gaurav’s sense of humour. 

We’re so glad that Gaurav isn’t leaving the show as we’re not ready to say goodbye to him. In fact, we can’t wait to see how Anuj and Anupama’s story unfolds on the show. But, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be interesting to find out. 

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01 Dec 2021

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