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Women’s Day Rangoli Designs

20 Women’s Day Rangoli Designs To Add A Dash Of Colour To Your Celebrations

March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day around the world, and it’s a day to honor and cherish all the amazing ladies in your life! From your mother and sister to your female friends and colleagues- it’s a day that calls for celebrating incredible ladies who inspire, strengthen and support you every day. This special day can be celebrated in numerous unique ways, right from sharing Women’s Day poems and Women’s day quotes, to playing exciting Women’s Day games to make it a memorable one! Besides these, you can also try creating some Women’s Day rangoli designs to make your celebrations extra special!

Women’s Day Special Rangoli Designs

If you’re looking for some beautiful rangoli designs for Women’s Day, you’ve come to the right place! From unique and creative Women’s Day rangoli designs to easy ones, you’re sure to find a design you’ll love recreating.   

Female Symbol Women’s Day Rangoli Design

Female Symbol Women’s Day Rangoli Design
Facebook- Female Symbol Women’s Day Rangoli Design

This rangoli design for Women’s Day is quite unique and features the female symbol. It has been filled in using various geometric patterns using kolam, and it looks simply stunning!

Easy Women’s Day Kolam Design

Here’s another easy Women’s Day rangoli design made using kolam and rangoli colours. It features the profile of a woman’s face that can be easily made using a stencil, as shown in the video.  


Heart & Flowers Women’s Day Rangoli Design

We’re loving the beautiful and vibrant colours used in this simple and beautiful rangoli design for Women’s Day. It can easily be recreated with the help of a few bangles, squeeze bottle, spoon, and of course, vibrant rangoli colours! 

Simple 8th March Rangoli Design

You can also try out Women’s Day rangoli designs such as this one, to highlight the significance of this date! We’re loving the creative way used to denote ‘8 March’, and while this design makes use of 3D letters, you can also use rangoli colours to write the letters.  

Creative Women’s Day Special Rangoli Design 

If you are someone who is artistically inclined, and skilled at making rangolis, you can try out this creative and unique rangoli design for Women’s Day! 

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Vibrant And Colourful Women’s Day Rangoli Design

Colourful Women’s Day Rangoli Design
Facebook- Colourful Women’s Day Rangoli Design

This beautiful Women’s Day rangoli design makes use of various traditional rangoli patterns and elements that look oh-so-beautiful! This design might require a bit of expertise and patience, but it’s definitely worth a try.  

Cute Girl Rangoli Design

This Women’s Day rangoli design isn’t an easy one, but will look really stunning if you manage to ace it! Start by drawing the outline of the rangoli design, and then fill in the colours one by one. It may be difficult, but there’s no harm in giving it a try. 

Women’s Day Rangoli With Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers are commonly used elements in rangoli designs, and for good reason! The bright colours of the feather add vibrancy to the design and make it stand out. This Women’s Day rangoli design is sure to garner a lot of attention. 

Pink-Themed Women’s Day Rangoli Design

This Women’s Day rangoli design features the outline of a woman’s face, and the female symbol- all in shades of pink and white! We’re loving the simple monochromatic look, and the elegance of the curves used in this gorgeous design.


Beautiful Lady Rangoli Design

Looking for a small yet bright Women’s Day rangoli design that won’t take up a lot of space? Then give this Women’s Day rangoli design a try! The use of bright, warm colours ensures that the design stands out, despite being small. 

Women’s Day Poster Rangoli Design

Despite using minimal elements and colours, this gorgeous Women’s Day rangoli design stands out! This design is quite easy to recreate, and won’t take a lot of time.

Swirl Pattern Rangoli Design

If you’re looking for a design that’s easy to recreate, then give this Women’s Day rangoli design a try! It features some beautiful swirl patterns and floral elements that you can easily make using the end of a pen or brush.

Floral Women’s Day Rangoli Design

Women’s Day rangoli designs don’t necessarily have to feature difficult elements or profiles. You can simply opt to create a colourful circular floral design such as this one, with ‘Happy Women’s Day’ written in the centre. 


Dancing Ballerina Rangoli

While this Women’s Day rangoli design may seem difficult to recreate, it is actually quite easy! All you need is a stencil cutout for acing the ballerina design in the centre! Follow this video step-by-step to recreate this simple yet stunning design.

Moonlight Rangoli Design

We’re amazed by how beautiful this Women’s Day rangoli design looks. It makes use of minimal colours and elements, yet manages to stand out!  

Rangoli Design Using Fork

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to recreate this Women’s Day rangoli design! It features a lady in a colourful skirt that can be made using colourful dots and a fork to create the texture. Give it a try!  

Women’s Day Rangoli With Roses

The beauty of this Women’s Day rangoli design lies in the beautiful red roses that can be created simply by using swirl patterns with the end of a pencil. This design uses minimal colours, yet it is extremely eye-catching.   


Warli Art Rangoli Design

Warli is a form of Indian folk art that originated in the Warli region of Maharashtra. Warli art makes use of basic geometric shapes, as seen in this circular Women’s Day rangoli design. Beginners can give this rangoli design a try as it isn’t too difficult to recreate. 

Stylish Girl Rangoli Design

This rangoli design for Women’s Day looks stunning, but can be difficult to recreate. It is perfect for those who are skilled at making rangolis and want to try out a challenging design.

More Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

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Ready to give these beautiful Women’s Day rangoli designs a try? 

Featured Image: Pakka Local on YouTube, Shanthi Sridharan KOLAM on Facebook

01 Feb 2022

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