8 Women Reveal The Biggest Deal-Breakers On A Dating App!

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  Apr 30, 2019
8 Women Reveal The Biggest Deal-Breakers On A Dating App!


Let’s face it… The world of dating apps is strange and full of surprises. No matter how perfect your ‘prince charming’ might seem in the virtual world, there’s always a possibility of him being – well, neither a prince nor charming in reality. While the concept of finding your ‘one true love’ with a single swipe might seem too romantic to resist – the outcome could, sometimes, be a bit disappointing.

We wanted to know how to find out if he’s really our kind or NOT in the first few minutes itself. So we asked eight women users of dating apps what the major deal-breakers are for them. Read on!


1. Mentioning Height & Weight In Their Bio


“When I see a guy’s height and weight mentioned in his profile bio, it’s a deal-breaker for me. I mean, sure, you’re good looking and stuff – but why would you put something like that in your bio? Are you looking for a date or a modelling assignment? What use is that information to me? So, yeah, that little detail just instantly made me feel like he’d be too shallow and superficial. What if he ends up asking me about MY height and weight as well?”

– Seema Chowdhary, 24 years

2. Cheesy & Cringe-worthy Compliments



“I don’t know why some guys think that the ONLY way to a girl’s heart is through compliments! Sure, we like being appreciated but do you think we’re THAT stupid to fall for something as common as praise? We can easily make out the difference between an honest compliment and a bait to make us like you more. Once, my match started a conversation with me by sending “I hope you don’t mind but you’re seriously the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Aww, I wish I could say the same about you. Thanks for such cringe-worthy, flattering words.”

– Pranjali Malhotra, 22 years

3. Too Many Shirtless, Gym Selfies


“What IS IT with guys and their gym selfies? No no no – we don’t want to see your six-pack abs or your sweat-dripping faces or know HOW much you workout in a week. We can see you’re a fitness freak but please don’t go so overboard. I want someone with a brain, not biceps.”

– Swati Bhattacharyya, 26 years

4. Group Selfies With No Personal Identification

“I can never understand those guys who post group selfies instead of their own picture. Do you want us to play a game of ‘guess who’ or are you promoting ‘aek ke sath dusra, teesra, chautha… muft muft muft’?  I’m sorry but if you don’t have even a single image alone to put as your display picture, I’m going to assume that you’re either too shy or dealing with major body image issues.”

– Supriya Verma, 25 years

5. Grammatical Errors


“The biggest deal-breaker for me has to be someone’s poor grammar. I don’t intend to be mean but if you introduce yourself as ‘Myself…Rahul. How you are?’ – I don’t think I’ll want to know you further. But trust me, it’s not you, it’s me. I’m a grammar nazi and its just something I look for in a potential date. I’ve also realised that sometimes people get their bios written by friends or just copy-paste from an article. But there’s nothing that a five-minute chat can’t get to your notice.”

– Lovleen Arora, 21 years

6. Bio Of ‘Nice Guys Who Will Spoil You’

“It’s so annoying when I read bios like, ‘I’m the kind of guy who’s gonna spoil you like a queen’ or ‘Swipe right if you want a nice guy who’ll take care of you’. Thanks, buddy, but neither am I a damsel in distress nor do I need a guy to take care of me. I make my own money, thank you very much. And let’s say IF you were indeed, a ‘nice guy’ you sure as hell wouldn’t put that in your bio – you’d show it with your actions. Guys who pretend to be ‘too good to be true’ are my biggest deal-breakers.

– Suvedha Dixit, 28 years

7. ToO mAnY EmOjIs & cHaTs LiKe tHeSe


“There are so many guys who remind me of little children. Not by their lack of emotional intelligence or maturity, but because of the overuse of emojis! Whenever I find a match who sends me 10-15 emoticons after every two words and writes ‘LyK tHiS’, I find it super annoying! And how am I supposed to get to know him if the only way he displays his emotions is by saying stuff like, ‘Yaaa me 2:):):):):):)’ or ‘OMG wow YoU luk lyk a QT :O:O:O:O:D:D:D:D:P:P?’ Nah-uh, this ain’t happening.”

– Megha Sharma, 23 years

8. Those With An Emotional Baggage

“I think guys who end up becoming too expressive with their emotions – a bit too soon, would be a deal-breaker for me. I understand that they might have had a hurtful relationship in the past and are trying to build something good here, but there’s always a right time for everything. Some guy ends up saying stuff like, “You know, my ex didn’t love me at all. I guess good guys always get treated like shit. I hope you don’t turn out that way and break my heart.” If this happens too soon into the conversation, I prefer to leave it at that.”

– Ikshita Sahay, 29 years

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