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Online Dating: What, Who, How? 10 Popular Dating Apps You Must Try Stat!

Online Dating: What, Who, How? 10 Popular Dating Apps You Must Try Stat!

We live in a digital age, where everything is just a tap away, even love. If you’ve looked everywhere and still not found it, you probably haven’t explored enough. And so here's an idea - give online dating a shot! These are the 10 dating apps you should be downloading and trying out NOW. We won’t promise you that you will find the “one”, but it might just be super-fun. Besides, who knows, you might even virtually bump into your Prince Charming! ;)

1. Tinder

dating apps tinder

How does it work?

Tinder is an interesting way to connect with and meet new people around you. The interface is extremely user-friendly and quite easy to understand for a newbie. All you have to do is download the app from the app store and log in by using your Facebook ID. The app automatically starts finding matches based on your geographical location (and a specified distance and age range). You are then given two options: an "X’ which signifies disinterest and a "heart" which indicates approval. If your match thinks you’re hot too, and taps on the heart button on when your profile shows up on their screen, you get to chat with them! Depending how well the conversation flows, you can choose to take it forward - and offline! ;)

Ratings & availability: 4/5 rating; Windows, iOS & Android

2. OkCupid

dating apps okc

How does it work?

Probably one of the most popular and oldest dating apps around. Very detailed in terms of design, questions, matches and chats. The app gives you a chance to express yourself better through a set of questions and interests which will be visible on your profile. Remember Orkut days? The only website that allowed you to see which people visited your profile? Well, this app has the same feature too. Be careful, though - try not to reveal a lot of information about your location and or post too many personal images as this could attract a lot of unwanted attention. Keep your profile simple, look around and talk to the right people.

Ratings & Availability: 4/5; Windows, iOS & Android

3. Zoosk

dating apps zoosk

How does it work?

To get started on this app, you can either sign up or just log on by using your Facebook ID (tip: it’s easier via FB). Before you get to the matchmaking bit, you’ll have to fill up a questionnaire for the app to get a better idea of your personality type and your dating likes. Compared to most dating apps, this one is slightly complicated to use. You’ll have to play around with the app to get a better understanding of it. The good part here is that none of the profiles displayed on this app are fake. They’re all verified on FB. So, if someone does try to mess around with you, you can report and block their account on FB. The only drawback of this app is that some of the features are not free. You will have to subscribe and pay for extra services.

Ratings & Availability: 4.1/5 rating; Windows, iOS & Android

4. Jaumo - Chat, Flirt & Dating <3

dating apps Jaumo

How does it work?

Here again, you can use your FB ID to sign in. It does not have a slide feature to preview matches, but it has a grid layout. It tells you which people are closest to your location, filters the newbies and lists down the popular "liked" profiles. You also get to see frequent visitors to your profile. This app has a privacy feature in the form of a two-way contact option. Anyone can send a message to someone else; if you’re interested in getting to them, you can choose to reply to the messages. Once you do that, they are automatically added to your friends' circle. It’s as simple as that!

Ratings & Availability: 4.5/5; Windows, iOS & Android

5. Badoo

dating apps badoo

How does it work?

You don’t need to be Einstein to figure how to go about with this app. Once downloaded, it automatically syncs with your FB account - it copies the bio data on your FB profile and pastes it on the app's data space. It also gives you the option of chatting, rating pictures and visiting people’s profiles who are close to your area. You can also select a particular age group that you want to talk to and find profiles based on your personal likes and interests.

Ratings & Availability: 4.5/5 rating; Windows, iOS & Android

6. Blendr

dating apps blendr

How does it work?

If you’re looking for something more than a regular fling, Blendr is the place to be! It starts off by asking you to pick a few interests. Based on your choice of interests, it finds like-minded individuals for you. You can also change your status from time to time like on BBM, check in to places like you do on Foursquare and find people around your area like how Swarm enables you to do! The best thing about this app is that you can also use it on the computer if you are unable to get your hands on your cell phone. Is that super-cool, or what?

Ratings & Availability: 4/5; Windows, iOS & Android

7. Hot Or Not

dating apps hot or not

How does it work?

Well, I’m guessing we all get the drift on how this one works, right? Very simple to use and understand. You can sign in using your FB or Google+ ID. You will see two options below a profile on the main screen - a cross and a heart, and you use these options to rate the profile. Based on the number of ratings, you can add your favourites to your contact list and chat with them there. If you want to connect with your FB friends, there’s an option for that too! Keep rating more people to earn more points and build up your social status.

Ratings & Availability: 4/5 rating; Windows, iOS & Android

8. Down

dating app down

How does it work?

If you’re a risk taker, you should totally give this dating app a shot. It’s quite different from the rest and is listed as of the most popular dating apps in the app store. Once you sync your Facebook profile with the app, it allows you to tag friends whom you think are hot. The app then picks the ones that have the same interests as you, and sends the two of you a notification if it thinks the you guys are a perfect match (and he's tagged you as hot as well). It’s a silent messenger, though - does not post any activity on your wall, nor your friends' feed. Pretty exciting, huh?

Ratings & Availability: 3.5/5; Android & iOS

9. Vee - We Make Relationships

VEE MAIN How does it work?

Vee is a new addition to the dating app category in the app store. Instead of hobbies and dating preferences, it categorizes people based on their educational achievements and professions. You get to view their profiles anonymously, and get to start a conversation with them only if it's a mutual match. This great thing about this app is that its focus is not creating a platform for casual hookups - it tries to create a space where you're able to make genuine friends and potentially meaningful relationships. And this app also has the best privacy system by far. It protects your info and reveals it to only the people you've approved of. (The app also has a great introductory offer: the more you share and recommend the app to your friends, you get a 10-rupee recharge on your cell phone. Now, that's something!)

Ratings & Availability: 4/5; Android & iOS

10. BeNaughty

dating app benaughty

How does it work?

This app is all about having fun. Most of the people on this app are looking for a no-strings-attached relationship. At random, you will get to a list of people to choose from. Pick one, and drop them a message. You can also use Google maps via this app to find people who are close to you. Very similar to the “poke” feature on FB, you have the “flirt bomb” here. Notify as many people who you think are hot, and add them to your personal contact list to never lose track of them and their activities.

Ratings & Availability: 4/5 rating; Windows, iOS & Android

If you’re still sceptical about getting on a dating app, remember one thing: what is life have minus the risks? As long as you are safe and alert and play wise, you’ll find yourself making new friends to have fun with, even if you're not forging lasting relationships. Good luck to finding true love!

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Published on Oct 28, 2014
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