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8 Reasons To STOP Washing Your Hair So Often!

8 Reasons To STOP Washing Your Hair So Often!

Do you want to know the secret to healthier hair? Not washing it too often! It may sound weird or even gross, but shampooing your hair everyday or too often is actually damaging it. Whether you’re dealing with oily hair or you just feel dirty, you definitely need to cut down on your ‘poo habits for the sake of your strands. Trust us, it’s something that even celebs like Kim K swear by. We give you the real reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair too often. Try it for shinier, stronger locks and even to cut down the frizz!

1. Your Hair Will Get Back Its Lustre

why you should not wash your hair everyday

Natural oils give your hair a glossy coat, and every time you shampoo them away, you could be causing dullness. Your scalp’s natural oils need to be allowed to build up to give your hair that shine.

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2. And Have More Body

Those natural oils also keep the hair full of life and thickness. Waiting between hair washes will bring more texture to your strands and give them more volume.

3. Your Braids and Styles Will Look Amazing

why you should not wash your hair everyday

Just-washed hairs are too soft and do not hold any style very well, which is why most brides are also advised to have second-day hair to help style them well. Second or third-day hairs have a lot more texture to it and stay in place much better when you style them. This is why curls and braids look more amazing on unwashed hair.

4. Your Hair Colour Will Fade Faster

Shampooing opens up the cuticles of your hair, which basically flushes out the colour from them. And this doesn’t just apply to people who have dyed their hair, but also if you want to maintain the natural colour of your locks, without them looking dull.

5. You Will Notice Less Frizz

why you should not wash your hair everyday

Because shampooing often is very drying, it strips away natural oils from your hair, and we all know that dry hair is way more prone to frizz. These natural oils are responsible for keeping your strands strong, shiny, and smooth. Cutting down on washing your hair therefore cuts down on those frizz problems.

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6. You Won’t Do As Much Heat Damage

Heat damage really does add up over time, and so do hot showers. By cutting down on your hair wash, you’re cutting down on the need to heat-style your hair as often and prolonging its look. Which in turn, is one of the nicest things you can do for your mane.

7. It Will Grow Longer

why you should not wash your hair everyday

Because you hair won’t be as dry since you’ve cut down on shampooing, your locks will be healthier and stronger, which is ideal for growth. This is mainly why so many girls who don’t wash their hair more than a couple times a week feel like their hair grows faster.

8.  It Saves You Time and Money

Aside from healthier, shinier strands, you’ll also be saving money on shampoos and conditioners, as you’ll be going through bottles at a slower rate. Plus, face it, we all have those days when we just can’t muster the energy to wash and style our locks. So lazy girls rejoice! For skipping those washes is actually doing more good to your hair, and getting ready also won’t take as much time.

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When Should You Wash Your Hair?

Of course, we’re not asking you to cut down on washing your hair altogether – that would be really gross! But simply, cutting down your hair wash to twice or thrice (max!) a week is what is healthiest for your strands. Dry shampoo really is a boon for absorbing greasiness, adding texture and for helping you feel fresher. Definitely, give cutting down on your washes a try and you will notice that your hair is stronger and healthier after a few weeks. Oh, and you will love how awesome braiding and styling your hair will be.

You can also try washing your hair with apple cider vinegar in between if you really find it difficult to go a few days without shampooing your hair.

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05 May 2016

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