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Guru Purnima 2021: Here’s Why We Celebrate The Day & How To Do It The Right Way!

Guru Purnima is falling on 24th July 2021 and we just can’t wait to pay tribute to our gurus. The festival is celebrated to acknowledge the selfless induction of knowledge and wisdom by teachers, parents, & gurus. Guru Purnima is a spiritual tradition dedicated to academic teachers and spiritual teachers in every field. Traditionally, the festival is celebrated by Buddhists in honour of Lord Buddha who gave his first-ever sermon on Guru Purnima at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh. 

If you’ve been wondering how to celebrate Guru Purnima, then you’ve landed at the right page. Scroll ahead for answers!

Why is Guru Purnima celebrated?

why do we celebrate guru purnima


Talking about why do we celebrate Guru Purnima, the festival has a deep and interesting history. It is celebrated to commemorate the goodness of spiritual gurus and teachers as thousands of devotees thank their parents, teachers and gurus for the enlightenment of knowledge and wisdom. It is believed that someone who removes darkness from our lives is the ultimate guru. After five weeks of achieving enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, Lord Buddha went from Bodhgaya to Sarnath where he gave the first sermon on the full moon day. And this is why the followers of Buddha celebrate Guru Purnima to worship him. For Hindus, this festival is celebrated as Vyasa Purnima in honour of the great sage Veda Vyasa, who is known to be one of the greatest gurus of India and the author of Mahabharata. Guru Purnima in Jainism is celebrated when Lord Mahavira had made Gautam Swami his first disciple. Also, the day is auspicious to planters and farmers as this day is considered as the day of the advent of rains which help them with their crop growth.

Scroll ahead for the best ways and ideas on Guru Purnima celebration.

How to celebrate Guru Purnima?

guru purnima celebration ideas


Guru Purnima is one of the most important festivals in the nation for many years because it’s believed that gurus play a vital role in the evolution of a man and woman. The festival is celebrated in different ways and rituals depending on the customs. Now that we know why do we celebrate Guru Purnima, it’s time to learn about some Guru Purnima celebration ways and ideas!

  • On Guru Purnima, devotees spend the entire day doing prayer and take fresh resolutions for their spiritual progress.
  • Due to the pandemic and refraining from stepping out, you can get up early in the morning and meditate in the early hours.
  • After the bath, you should touch the feet of your guru and worship his image offering flowers, incense, camphor, and fruits.
  • People also observe fast the whole day while some just keep silent which is popularly called ‘Maun Vrat’. 
  • To learn more about your guru’s life lessons, you can study or listen to the teachings of your guru.
  • People also offer food and clothes to sadhus, sanyasis, and needy people to seek their blessings.
  • People also host satsang at their house or in society to spread the glory and messages of the guru.
  • People fast during the day and refrain from eating salt, rice, heavy foods such as non-vegetarian dishes, and other meals made of cereals. They break the fast only after performing puja in the evening. 
  • Guru Purnima is a great day to thank and honour your gurus. You can add a little creativity to it by offering them gifts such as silver gifts, flowers, sweets, dry fruits, etc.
  • Guru Purnima has the great significance of Vishnu Pooja linked to it. So, the best way to show love to your gurus and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu is to recite Vishnu Sahatranam which is a thousand names of Lord Vishnu.
  • During the recent pandemic times, you can also celebrate the day by doing virtual meets to thank your teachers for whatever they have done for you.

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Now that you know why is Guru Purnima celebrated and how to celebrate Guru Purnima, share this ahead and let others know too!

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03 Jun 2021

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