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Sex Without Penetration: Why Outercourse Is The Best Way To Have An Orgasm

Sex Without Penetration: Why Outercourse Is The Best Way To Have An Orgasm

Sexual lulls or dry spells are very common for even the most passionate couples. Which is why a lot of us are always on the lookout for something exciting and fun to try out in bed. For some, it may include experimenting with positions while for others, it might include trying out different techniques. We recently came across this new term called the ‘outercourse’ which is basically the opposite of intercourse. While intercourse involves sexual contact between two people and includes penetration, outercourse is an activity where people derive sexual pleasure sans any penetration. 

Simply put, an outercourse is crucial for every woman to get an orgasm which is why we need to start talking about it more often. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

What Is Outercourse?

A lot of women don’t get an orgasm through penetration alone. This is why we need to include more activities that bring us close to an orgasm. Enter: outercourse. It is basically everything you do minus the penetration. It can include things like massaging, touching, sexual conversations, BDSM or even a man thrusting between your legs, breasts or even thighs. In short, the main defining factor of an outercourse is the lack of penetration in the mouth, vagina or anus. 



So, how is it different from foreplay?

Honestly, foreplay and outercourse can be used synonymously with each other. One big difference, however, is that foreplay usually leads to the ‘main event’ known as intercourse. Outercourse, on the other hand, does not always lead to anything. Outercourse can keep you away from the boring pattern and help you spice up your sex life. 

Benefits Of Outercourse

Here are a few benefits of indulging in outercourse that will make you want to try it with your partner STAT!

No risk of pregnancy

Well, mostly for heterosexual couples since others don’t have this risk at all, anyway. Since there is no penetration, there are no chances of pregnancy either. It is fun and super safe! 


Doubles the chances of orgasm

Outercourse will help you focus on the other parts of the body, resulting in an orgasm. If you solely don’t focus on the ‘main event’, you will try to shift your attention to tiny details. This will make it a fun activity for both the partners who wish to experiment in the bedroom.

You can get super kinky

Your outercourse sessions will help you experiment with a lot of role plays, BDSM and dirty talking. This will make sex a lot more interesting and desirable.


Great for people who refrain from period sex

Some women don’t like the idea of period sex. Well, that’s okay because, for them, there’s outercourse. Experience orgasms (multiple) without having to get down and dirty. Pro tip: Orgasms during your period actually help ease menstrual pain. So, the next time you’re on your period and don’t wish to indulge in intercourse, try outercourse–you’ll enjoy it, we promise!


Can Outercourse Lead To Intercourse?

Well, since it’s similar to foreplay, it’s safe to assume that it can, sometimes lead to intercourse. This could be one of the drawbacks of indulging in outercourse but that is totally up to the couple. 

All in all, there are no rules for having sex. All you have to do is have a good time while you’re at it. So, if your outercourse turns into intercourse, don’t worry, just make the most of it and have fun.

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17 Jul 2020

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