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What Is Moon Water & Why Is The Beauty Industry Going Gaga Over It?

What Is Moon Water & Why Is The Beauty Industry Going Gaga Over It?

Since I was a little girl, I was always fond of easy beauty DIY recipes. From DIY coffee eye serums to natural homemade face packs, mixing raw ingredients to make a brand new beauty product brought me great joy. The other day I was on TikTok scrolling through skincare DIYs and a found a cool bath salt recipe. I clicked on the video and the ingredients which were used to make it were basic, except one. TikTok user, Evilicequeen, added an interesting ingredient called ‘moon water’ to her bath salt. You guys gotta see it to believe it!

At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I obviously had to google only to realise it’s a legit thing! Apparently, moon water is a popular historical tool among witches. What’s cool is that it is used during ceremonies and brewing magical potions! For heaven’s sake, even Victoria Beckham swears by it! According to VB, it’s very healthy water and is great for the skin. She tried it for the first time in Lanserhof, Germany, on her detox vacay and has been all praise for it ever since!

What Is Moon Water & How To Make It At Home

In a nutshell, moon water is regular water that’s charged under the energy of the moon. It is believed that lunar energy has healing powers and helps to detox the body, slows down ageing and improve one’s complexion. You can either drink it, water your plants with it, wash your crystal facial roller with it or use it as an ingredient in your DIYs. Here’s to make some of it at home.

Step 1: A day before the new or full moon, fill a mason jar up with spring or filtered water. 

Step 2: Put a lid on it and leave it on your windowsill or terrace (Any place where you can spot the moon)

Step 3: Leave it outside overnight.

Step 4: Before the sun rises, bring the jar back inside and your moon water is ready to use!


While there’s not much scientific evidence about moon water being effective or having supernatural powers, it is quite famous among astrological websites, soul therapy blogs and spiritual beauty communities. Now that you know what moon water is, would you still give it a try? I’m all ears!

Featured Image: Pexels

15 Jun 2020

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