Under House Arrest? 8 Informative Beauty Accounts On The ‘Gram To Follow!

Under House Arrest? 8 Informative Beauty Accounts On The ‘Gram To Follow!

Initially, Instagram was a fun, easy-going app where people would post pictures of their friends, the food they ate and maybe a couple of pictures of their pet cat here and there. However, it's a different ball game altogether today. People have left their 9 to 5 office jobs and are making a career on Instagram through blogging and vlogging. They don't need recognition from other publications or media to prove that they're worth it, their followers do that for them.

While every second person on the 'Gram labels themselves as an 'influencer', it's important to rate their content to see if they actually deserve that title. Remember, knowledge is power. If you visit someone's profile and learn a thing or two from it, you know that account is worth following. The same rules apply to beauty. It's so much more than makeup memes and hair tutorial videos. Look out for beauty accounts that produce informative and quality content. It could have to do with learning in-depth about a product ingredient or learning about your curly hair type. During this self-quarantine period, put your time to good use by following these inspirational and informative beauty accounts. 

8 Informative Beauty Accounts On The ‘Gram To Follow

Beauty junkies, this one is for you!

POPxo Beauty

POPxo Beauty's IG page has the perfect balance of light and heavy content. Light content meaning memes and mini-tutorial videos and heavy content involves learning about key ingredients with fun illustrations like in the case of salicylic acid, retinol and Vitamin E. The best part is that every day you expect a fresh and fun batch of beauty content!

2. whatsonvisface

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“Hey Vi, how did you get rid of your dark circles?” . Intro: my dark circles were not genetic. I developed them throughout college but the worst was during the thick of my insomnia in 2016-2018ish. I was deeply embarrassed because some people actually called me out for looking like shit. As of now, they’re unnoticeable. I’m pretty damn fabulous, showered with compliments whenever I leave the house but I’m still humble though! 😆 . How I “treated” my dark circles: . 👀 Ever heard of sleep? Sorry to bore you but facts are facts. My skin didn’t change much, no matter what and how many products I put on, until I fixed my sleep pattern and received proper sleep 😴 👀 Sodium and sugar suck: another no brainer but reducing my sodium and sugar intake was also a game changer for my skin overall, dark circles specifically. 👀 Keep them moisturized at all time: I’m not a believer in a dedicated eye cream. I just think you need to pick the right moisturizer for your eyes though. I have dry skin and often opt for thick creams, however my eyes are milia prone and therefore can’t handle thickness. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, be sure your moisturizer is thick enough for your eyes. Regardless, keep them moist or they’ll betray you, like yo girl. 👀 Don’t be a dirty girl: this may sound funny but I believe double cleansing helped improve my dark circles dramatically. I used to wear eye makeup everyday to mask my dead spirit but would never cleanse my makeup off properly at night. Over time, eye makeup residue piled up & became stained around my eyes. P.S makeup wipes aren’t it! 🚫 👀 Avoid rubbing, tugging, any harsh motion around eyes DUH 🙄 (also avoid eye rolling by excusing yourself from stupid people) 👀 Being a natural beauty pays: I know this is not for everyone but for me, ever since I stopped wearing eye makeup, my eyes became much less irritating which resulted in less rubbing and less bags & dark circles. 👀 Did you think I would go through an entire post without mentioning SPF? Well, you wrong. SPF will Thanos-snap the shit out of your dark circle (over time). Trust me! . These worked for me. Hope they help you. Sorry for not offering a miracle 🤷‍

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This girl is funny, smart and knows a hell lot of stuff about her skin and products out there. Her content is backed with facts, laced with humour and comes from a genuine place. While talking about her skincare routine, she often plugs in products and keeps a short, crisp description of what they are and why she loves them. You got to check her aesthetic feed out ASAP!

Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta

There are many dermatologists in India who do wonderful work, but Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta who is the Founder & Medical Director at ISAAC Luxe, is not just amazing at her job, but also her social media game strong on the 'Gram. In hues of pink and white, Dr Geetika's Insta grid looks neat, clean and fresh. She explains complex beauty treatments in a simple fashion and does a fine job at keeping her page interactive and active. 

Vasudha Rai

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Honestly though, is there anything more satisfying than a night cream? I love my serums and oils but nothing seems as ‘full with promise’ than a buttery cream. It works especially well when I’m lazy about layering products. One creamy swipe and life seems good again. Anyway, that’s a long-winded way of saying that these are my current favourites (each for a different reason). I’ve been using these all though winter and have tried each for a month at least. @clinique_in Smart MD Revolumize Cream: This also comes in a duo with another lighter cream supposed to sculpt the face. I prefer this between the two because it’s, richer, thicker and is true to its promise. I also find it very hydrating thanks to three different molecular weights of Hyaluronic acid. Therefore I really enjoy using it on flights. @soultree.in Replenishing Night Cream: This one is perfect for spring with its in-between weather. The consistency isn’t as thick as other night creams which makes it great for combination skin. It also contains pomegranate seed and Jasmine essential oils, which increase elasticity of the skin. Plus, it’s certified natural and cruelty-free. @biologique_recherche Creme Dermopurifiante: I’m not exaggerating when I say that this smells like vomit. But if you can get past the putrid smell you’ll find it is the best cream for congested, breakout-prone skin. I used this during a really bad skin phase because of synthetic hormones and this helped calm it down. @paulpendersindia Dry Skin Relief: Excellent for those who have super-dry, flaky skin. This soothes dry patches instantly without making the skin oily. But it does contain essential oil (if you’re sensitive to it). Also clean and cruelty-free. @votarylondon Superseed Nutrient Cream: This is my current favourite, completely fragrance and EO free it contains the oils of 22 seeds to nourish and calm reactive skin. Does exactly what it says without making the skin oily. Clean + cruelty-free. . Also want to mention @kamaayurveda Night Cream, which is excellent for mature skin. @forestessentials Date & Litchi Cream, my all time favourite for its its rich texture. @drsheths Miracle Cream - my mother’s all-time favourite.

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If Vasudha Rai okays a product, you know it's safe to use on your skin too. That's the power of this beauty maven! Vasudha has been writing on clean beauty for about 15 long years now. Her words are gospel truth and if you're passionate about skincare, her IG feed will spoil you for choice. She does recommend products out of thin air, there's a lot of research, trial and error involved. If it passes the test, the product makes its way to Vasudha's feed. 


Based out of Manhattan NYC, Amberly speaks highly and proudly of the product she has. All her captions are written in first person and you can tell she really enjoys makeup and skincare by her posts itself. Her feed may look cluttered and slightly disorganised, but her content and vast knowledge for beauty as a subject make up for it. 

Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Let's take a mini-break from skincare and talk about makeup! There are so many Indian beauty bloggers out there, but Malvika Sitlani, our Plixxo beauty blogger is Team POPxo Beauty's fave. She's talented, bright and cheerful, it's impossible to not enjoy her content. When she's not posting pretty pictures of her makeup look, she does simple and quick makeup tutorials with product recommendations, of course! 

Debasree Banerjee

Another Plixxo blogger, Debasree does not just beauty, but fashion and lifestyle content as well. However, her beauty content is a visual treat. In a world that mostly plays it safe by sticking to neutral colours, Debasree loves playing with bright colours. Rainbow, forest green, lavender purple eyeshadow - she makes heads turn wherever she goes. 

Shreya Jain

Plixxo blogger Shreya Jain's feed on the 'Gram is full of content that revolves around honest beauty product reviews, body positivity and beauty tips. Her content is fresh, informative and out of the ordinary. She has a relationship with beauty and that bond becomes evident through her posts! 

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