Everything You Need To Know About Fingernail Ridges & How To Deal With Them For Good

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Sep 15, 2021
Everything You Need To Know About Fingernail Ridges & How To Deal With Them For Good


If you love to adorn your nails with super trendy nail art, geometric patterns or prefer sleek and elegant nail colours, you’ll know that smooth, buffed nails are a prerequisite to any manicure. That’s why ridged nails can wreak havoc with your manicure. But first, a crash course on what fingernails ridges even are: nail ridges are small 3D lines that start at the cuticle on the nail bed and can run both vertically or horizontally.

Not that you have anything to be especially worried about – bumpy nails are fairly common and fairly benign. But before you start panic-searching the internet for answers, we are listing down all the deets for you. So what can you do about fingernail ridges that have made themselves a permanent fixture on your digits? Here, we crack the code, plus how to get rid of those grooves.

What Causes Nail Ridges? 

This is actually a really important distinction between horizontal fingernail ridges and vertical fingernail ridges. Vertical nail ridges can be a natural sign of ageing that happens due to a decrease in cellular turnover. While horizontal nail ridges can be due to a variety of underlying health conditions that should be checked by your doctor. Sometimes it might be due to dehydration of the nail bed, dry skin conditions or bacterial infection, so make that doc appointment STAT, okay?

Here’s How To Prevent And Banish Fingernail Ridges For Good


Hydrate Your Nails With Oils

The primary cause of nail ridges can be the lack of the body’s natural oils and it’s super easy to treat. Your first potential line of defence is hydration. Try applying nail oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or vitamin E oil to help prevent ridges from forming in the first place. Use a massaging motion to increase blood circulation to your nail beds and distribute the oil evenly.

Don’t Forget To Moisturise

Use a protective hand moisturiser, a moisturising hand soap, and consider applying a layer of nail hardener once a week. These measures help in preventing future ridges from forming. Plus, applying daily sunscreen, and avoiding over-drying products such as alcohol-based gel sanitiser may all help in preventing ridges. Alternatively, investing in a nail care kit can instantly give a youthful, healthy shine to your nails. 

Buff – But Don’t Go Overboard With It

Try buffing your nails, just keep it to once a month. Use a four-way nail file to smooth away ridges, file in one direction only, and don’t use too much pressure. Buffing can help give a beautiful shine and healthy-looking glow to your nails. 

Invest In Ridge Filling Polish

Many nail care brands are now designing polished specifically for hiding ridges. These ridge fillers function much like base coats and look like natural polishes. The only difference is that they settle into and fill in the ridges to help make your nails look smooth and even. If you love getting an in-salon manicure, ask your manicurist to incorporate a ridge filler into your service. 

Take A Break From Gel, Dip Or Polish

Going without nail paint keeps frying chemicals off your nails. Plus, the acetone-based polish removers are the worst enemies of already parched nails. Likewise, gel and powder dip nail trends sure look good but the removal process including a long soak in acetone, aggressive filing and scraping can strip the nail of the essential oil and keratin.

Wear Gloves When Doing House Chores

Excessive exposure to water and harsh chemicals might wreak havoc on your nails and worsen the already-ridged nails. Plus, think about how often you wash your hands ever since the pandemic has started. Wearing gloves will prevent the excessive influx and effluent of water into the nails. 

It’s time to get healthier and happier nails!

Featured Image: Pexels