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#Freedom: 11 Weird Yet AWESOME Things About Living Alone!

One goes through actual stages of living with oneself – from missing company over dinner table to choosing your own company over others’. So much time to ourselves comes with a bag full of shocks and pleasant surprises. We can be as civil or as weird as we’d like – coz the only one judging us is US! So we bring you 11 somewhat weird yet super fun things you get to do when living all by yourself!

1. Walking Around Naked

You’re not weird, and you’re not alone! It’s just about convenience, given the weather we’re blessed with! Having no one around only makes it SO much more convenient. The liberation that’s born out of abandonment of clothing is a joy unparalleled. Just, don’t try to cook when feeling so liberated. Please. Oil sputtering on your tummy is NOT fun.

Living alone 1

2. Knowing Exactly Where Your Stuff Is (Chair, Floor, Sofa, Wherever!)

When you return home after work/ college, your room is EXACTLY the way you left it. Not surprisingly, you know where to find what within 10 seconds! Being organized is overrated. This state of being is also widely known as Organized Chaos.

Living alone 2

3. Not Having To Clean Up After Someone

You’ll get to it when you get to it – tomorrow, day after, next week, next month – because you CAN! With no one around to judge you, clean-up time is up to you, not according to some someone else’s rules!

Living alone 3

4. The Ease Of Booty Calls!

Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Be it sheer boredom or the urge to surrender to humanly needs – you like having the option of being able to have someone over without worrying about whether anyone else might have a problem or even an opinion!

Living alone 4

5. You Become Your Only (And Preferred) Entertainment

This is one of the most enjoyable experiences – having plenty of time to yourself, and deciding what to make of it. And before you know it, you are your own hugely entertaining source of entertainment. And that’s just how you like it!

Living alone 5

6. Playing MasterChef, Even If It Is With Your Rice!

With no one judging you on your cooking skills, you have the freedom to experiment with 37 different types of egg recipes for dinner. Do you rock at it or what?! As far as we can tell, you’ve quite mastered the art of cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

Living alone 6

7. Drinking Straight Out Of The Bottle!

What’s the purpose of glasses, anyway?! Why even bother walking up to the kitchen to get one? Bottles have narrow necks and mouths for a reason, you know!

Living alone 7

8. Silence. Precious, Precious Silence

After dealing with a loud, busy world, and a long, long day – BLISS.

Living alone 8

9. Never Having To Lock The Bathroom Door

It’s not even a thing any more! Keeping the bathroom door open while going about your business quite obviously becomes the standard operating procedure.

10. Having The Time To Hone Your Dancing/ Singing Skills

You know you have a talent, and you put it to full use in the absence of other humans life in your breathing space. Even Beyonce started singing in the shower before she hit the stage – that’s just how stars are born!

Living alone 9

11. The Official Midnight Binge – Just Because!

No excuse is good enough to not binge on leftover pizza, or that jar of Nutella that’s been calling out to you, at 3 a.m.! When midnight hunger strikes, it strikes bad! One simply does not go to bed without feeding it. And one doesn’t have to, because you don’t have to share with anyone!

Living alone 11

Images: Giphy, Tumblr

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06 May 2016

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