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Bae, Swag, Adorbs: 10 Words You Need To Survive The World Today!

We all know that moment when someone uses a word that sounds alien to you, while everyone else around seems to know exactly what it means! *AWKWARD* – amiright!? Don’t worry “bae”, because we’ve got your back. Once you’re done with this list of new-fangled words, you’ll be ready for world domination!

1. Bae

It sounds like something a drunk, black sheep would say, but “bae” is the new age word for babe, and it’s used for your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other. Yes, seriously. (Previously boo.)

weird words 1

2. Fleek

The cooler, weirder, newer way of saying “on point” is “fleek”. Originally used for perfectly shaped eyebrows, now anything can be described as “on fleek”.


Weird Words 2

3. Adorbs

Simply, the shorter version of adorable. There really isn’t more to this one. Also, if it sounds weird at first, say it a couple of times and we bet it’ll grow on you! Adorbs. Adorbs-adorbs-adorbs-adorbs-adorbs. See?

Weird Words 3

4. Totes

Short for “totally”; you totes have to start using it right away!


Weird Words 4

5. Amaze

Because “amazing” is a long-enough word; it’s really kind of amaze how it has caught on!

Weird Words 5

6. Awesome Sauce

When awesome is not enough, in comes “awesome sauce”. It’s just an expression that describes awesome more emphatically. In case you’re still wondering, it’s got ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with food.


Weird Words 6

7. Legit

Short for “legitimate” – it’s a cool way of saying real or ‘not false’. It also gives you a sense of power to decide if something is “legit”. Try it!

weird words 7

8. Whatevz

“Whatever”: 2005; “Whatevz”: 2015. Best use of “whatevz” is when it’s followed by a classic, bitchy resting face.


weird words 8

9. Swag

The updated version of “cool”! Now, if you’re a happening person, you’ve basically got “swag”.

weird words 9

10. Meh

When something really doesn’t deserve a response from you, but you have to give one anyway, it’s safe to go with “meh”. The interesting thing about this word is, it can actually substitute a lot of words and would still make sense. Say it with us while shrugging your shoulders: “MEH”


weird words 10

Images: memecrunch.com, imgbuddy.com, giphy.compandawhale.com, picgifs.com, community.ew.comj-14.com, sayitwithgifs.tumblr.com

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06 May 2016

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