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Pre-Wedding Shoots & Lip Dubs – Team POPxo On The Wedding Trends They’ve Had Enough Of!

Pre-Wedding Shoots & Lip Dubs – Team POPxo On The Wedding Trends They’ve Had Enough Of!

Indian weddings are a grand affair. Often they are heavily Bollywood- inspired and driven by people’s need to use every feature of social media. Then there are elaborate pre and post wedding photo shoots! There are so many trends to follow, too many hashtags to add… So much so that sometimes the essence of a wedding itself is lost! We wonder whether it’s time to forgo some of these obsessive and exaggerated trends so we can make way for the new. Here’s Team POPxo’s take on wedding trends we can skip in 2018!

1. Pre-Wedding Shoots

I get it that you’re getting married and that you want to be the star of your wedding. but what’s with spending lakhs on a pre-wedding shoot? The whole idea of choosing backgrounds of landscapes you’ve never been to, jumping and what not, seems unreal and forced. Instead, buy a Polaroid camera and stick to a string of fairy lights. Or better still, take a print of a photo from your phone. It’s personal, it may capture more natural and less choreographed moments.

– Manavi Siddhanti, Beauty Editor

2. #Hashtags

I think #hashtags have run their course. It’s time to be a little creative and say goodbye to this trend. We know it is a convenient way to track all your wedding pictures on social media, but have you thought of how many people have already used your dream #hashtag. It is like creating an account on social media that has already been taken and you are sitting with all the leftover options in front of you.


– Saachi Bamba, Editorial Coordinator.

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3. The Combination Of Red And Green!

Really now, girls! We know donning a red lehenga with contrasting green jewellery was once a much-loved wedding trend, but it’s so overdone now. Red and green as individual colours will never go out of the wedding fashion circuit, but together? Nah, please not anymore! I would love seeing the 2018 brides experimenting more with their bridal looks. So, maybe a grey lehenga with red-toned jewellery or any other unique coloured outfits would be a refreshing change for this year!

– Manvi Malhotra, Senior Wedding Writer


4. Theme Based Weddings!

A lot of couples these days are falling prey to theme-based weddings, for example buying everything and anything in Pantone colour of the year or a Game of Thrones theme or the cliched The Great Gatsby for that matter. Honestly, theme-based weddings cost a bomb and the potential for tackiness is unbridled.

– Apoorva Poonia, Trending Writer.

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5. Wedding Lip Dub Videos

Seriously, I’ve had enough of them. While they were fun initially, the concept has now lost its charm. A lot of people are doing lip dubs just for the heck of it, on the same old songs, without adding anything fresh or offbeat to make them stand out. Plus, a lot of the videos out there look like amateur work, with barely any coordination, and relatives look like they were forced to act. Time to think of something new or maybe stick to the classic wedding videos that’ll never go out of fashion!


– Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Editor

6. Floral Everything!

I have attended a lot of weddings wherein the decor is primarily all floral! When tastefully done, florals do look great, but I honestly think we should do away with this trend already. I mean, it is everywhere… From the grand entrance, all through the food stalls and even the mandap. It is about time we give it a heady uplift!

– Kaveri Waghela, Junior Wedding Editor

Gif 6


7. Not Everything Needs To Be OTT

The main event of a wedding is the wedding ceremony but thanks to Bollywood, the wraparound programmes have become more glamorous. Every wedding now is as long as navratri with sangeet, mehendi, bachelor parties, engagement ceremonies and what not. Previously there were lead-up events but they always went under the radar. Now, there’s an entire Bollywood sequence for every small event.

– Anannya Chatterjee, Senior Wedding Writer

8. Bride Twirling Shots

The one thing that I am done seeing is bride twirling shots. I mean it’s the best way that a bride shows off her lehenga and probably the easiest shot for a photographer. But it is so done with! It’s boring and repetitive. And for all you know, the bride feels dizzy after going around in circles so much.

– Divya Sharma, Senior Manager, Client Services Wedding


Gif 8

9. Flower Jewellery At Mehendi

When the trend started, I was actually mesmerized by the beautiful flower jewellery especially the maang teeka! But now, I am seeing every other bride following the same trend and it’s just become tame! You probably will have only one wedding in a lifetime, instead of following, one should lead the trend!

– Sumedha Sahni, Social Media & Partnerships Coordinator

GIFs: GiphyTumblr

16 Jan 2018

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