10 Emotions *Every* Bride Goes Through On Her Wedding Day!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 23, 2016
10 Emotions *Every* Bride Goes Through On Her Wedding Day!

Never has the phrase ‘rollercoaster of emotions’ been more true than in the context of a wedding, even more so if you’re the bride! So strap on soon to be Mrs, because you’re in for one crazy ride. (Oooh look, we made a poem!)

1. Excited (Duh!)

It’s here, it’s here, it’s hereeee!!! The day you’ve been waiting for your whole life. The day you’ve been prepping for the last few months. It all comes down to this – the day you are officially a Mrs!

2. Anxious (It’s Only Natural)

Even if you’re as cool as a cucumber, even if you’ve played this moment a million times over in your head, a few anxious moments here and there are only natural! They could happen sporadically or unexpectedly at different times of your Big Day!

2 - wedding day emotions

3. Dazed (Yup, Believe It Or Not)

A lot of brides feel super dazed through their wedding day. This could be because the fatigue and lack of sleep is finally setting in. It could also be because it’s all so filmy, it just doesn’t seem real!

4. Peaceful (Zen Brides, FTW)

You are bound to feel that a weight has been taken off your chest in a way. The big day has been so talked about and now that it’s finally here – you’re feeling a sense of calm and peace. It could also be because you’re witnessing your wedding and it’s exactly like you had planned.

4 wedding day emotions

5. Confused (WTF Is Happening?!)

If there’s too much happening at the same time, you’re bound to feel a little confused. Besides, there are so many little rituals and ceremonies – a little confusion (and chaos) is kind of a given.

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6. Irritated (Oops!)

If things are not going your way, or you are tired/hungry/both – you could totally feel irritated. Why are people not realizing how exhausted you are?! The irritation could also be with your outfit (too heavy?!) or your hair pins (they’re poking!) or your heels (too painful). It could be a bazillion things but the important thing is to know is that it’s natural and will be over soon.

6 wedding day emotions

7. Amazed (*Faraway Look In Eyes*)

Is this really your life? Are you really going to be a Mrs? Are your friends all really here from all over the world to celebrate your big step in life?! Wow – if that isn’t enough cause for a bride to feel amazed, we don’t know what is!

8. Happy (The Wife Life)

Marrying the man you love and stepping into a whole new life – nothing in life will ever compare to the joy you felt on this special occasion. Besides, can you blame a bride who can’t stop smiling because she leaves for a month-long honeymoon the very next day!?

8 wedding day emotions

9. Tired (Zombie Mode Has Been Activated)

It takes getting married to know just what your body is capable of – by which we mean that no matter how little you’ve slept, the adrenaline will ensure you’re still surviving (and rocking!). But on D Day, when all the functions are over…and you have officially become a ‘wife’, all you want to do is eat chocolate cake and sleep. True story!

10. Overwhelmed (…Above All Else)

Hi, new family – I love you!

Bye, old family – I’ll miss you!

If you’ve never felt more happy and sad at the same time – you really must be a new bride!

10 wedding day emotions

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