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20+ Wedding Anniversary Cake Designs To Make Your Special Day Extra-Sweet

They say ‘a party without a cake is just a meeting’. It’s true! Cakes have a way of making just about any occasion better and more memorable. While birthday cakes are rather easy to choose, choosing a cake for your partner on your wedding anniversary can be quite a difficult task. Your wedding anniversary is a special occasion, so just a simple chocolate cake won’t do. That’s why we have compiled some of the most amazing anniversary cake designs that are sure to wow your bae! 

Anniversary Cake Ideas

A cake on your wedding anniversary can help express your feelings and make your partner feel really special. While there’s nothing wrong with getting a basic cake, it’s always a good idea to make sure your partner knows you’ve put in special effort and thought while choosing the cake for your anniversary. Below are some anniversary cake ideas that you can take inspiration from! 

Calendar Cake

Calendar Cake - Best wedding anniversary cake design

Instead of a simple cake, you can opt for a calendar cake like this one that marks the special date of your anniversary and signifies how special this day is for you and your partner. This is one of the best anniversary cake designs that can make your celebration extra special. 

Royal Anniversary Cake

Royal Anniversary Cake - best anniversary cake ideas

The golden decorative elements on the pastel-coloured background give a royal look to this beautiful cake. This anniversary cake design looks sophisticated, elegant, with a romantic assortment of beautiful flowers. 

Top Forward Cake

Top Forward Cake -best wedding anniversary cake design

Top forward cake has been all the rage on Instagram lately. What makes this cake so unique is that it is placed on its rounded side, so that the top of the cake appears in the front. This cake design looks beautiful and uncluttered with just a few flowers on the side. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re looking for an elegant anniversary cake idea.

Customized Anniversary Cupcakes

Customized Anniversary Cupcakes

We can’t get over how adorable this cluster of mini cupcakes is! You can get really creative with the designs on the cupcakes and choose text or designs that mean something significant to you both. 

Mint And Pink Tiered Cake

Mint And Pink Tiered Cake -anniversary cake ideas

When looking for anniversary cake ideas, you just can’t go wrong with floral cakes. Flowers are a symbol of love and care and can instantly brighten up your day! What makes this design stand out is the use of complementary pastel shades- pink, and mint.  

Ombre Ruffle Cake

Ombre Ruffle Cake - anniversary cake design for couple

This cake is a showstopper! What makes it stand out is the use of ruffled layers and the gradient of shades. This Instagram-worthy cake will make for the perfect anniversary cake design.

Anniversary Chocolate Cake Designs

Chocolate is basically happiness made edible! Chocolate cakes are fitting for almost every occasion. Not only do they taste delicious, but they also look super appealing. If your partner is someone who enjoys chocolate cakes the most, it’s a good idea to surprise them with a chocolate cake on your wedding anniversary! Below are some of the most amazing anniversary chocolate cake designs that you must check out. 

Chocolate Pinata Ball Cake

anniversary chocolate cake design

This chocolate pinata ball cake consists of a chocolate cake within the spherical shell. It’s a delight for chocolate lovers, and also comes with a hammer to smash the shell, making your anniversary celebration all the more interesting and fun! This anniversary cake design will surely wow your partner. 

Chocolate Rosette Cake

Chocolate Rosette Cake -best anniversary chocolate cake design

“That’s too much chocolate”, said no one ever! This wedding anniversary cake design looks irresistible and is full of chocolate cream florals. 

Chocolate Truffle Pull Me Up Cake

Chocolate Truffle Pull Me Up Cake

Pull Me Up cakes are also called Tsunami cakes, and they are quite popular on social media these days. Add a playful flair to your anniversary celebration by surprising your bae with this anniversary chocolate cake design.

Love Anniversary Cake Designs

Cakes can take your celebration to a whole new level. When surprising your significant other, make sure it’s a special cake that will convey how much you love and appreciate your partner. Need some romantic anniversary cake inspiration? Check out these unique love anniversary cake design ideas! 

Fondant Heart Cake

Fondant Heart Cake -love anniversary cake design

Fondant cakes are currently trending and they give an elegantly smooth top finish. The decorative hearts on this cake look beautiful and can be a great way to express your love. This romantic anniversary cake design will leave your partner in awe. 

Heart Shaped Photo Cake

Heart Shaped Photo Cake - love anniversary cake design

These anniversary cake designs can be personalized with a romantic picture of you and your partner on top of the cake! 

Anniversary Poster Cake

Anniversary Poster Cake - best anniversary cake design

If you don’t like the idea of a photo cake, you can instead opt for an anniversary poster cake. This anniversary cake design features caricatures of the couple, and is a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. 

Whimsical Marble Buttercream Cake

Whimsical Marble Buttercream Cake

This incredible cake crafted by Julian Angel looks oh-so-beautiful! The cake features a marbling effect and is topped with a wafer paper flower. We’re loving the striking purple, pink and golden hues used, and this cake is sure to make your anniversary extra-special.  

Origami Cake

Origami Cake - love anniversary cake design

Here’s another trending anniversary cake design that will make you go ‘wow’! Origami cakes are gaining popularity of late, and needless to say, they look really stunning. 

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Cake Designs

The perfect cake can make your wedding anniversary extra special! From heart-shaped cakes to cakes adorned with roses, here are some romantic wedding anniversary cake designs that you and your partner will love.

Heart Shaped Pinata Cake

Heart Shaped Pinata Cake - wedding anniversary cake ideas

We’re loving the geometric look of this faceted diamond heart pinata cake! This heart-shaped anniversary cake is sure to steal the show at your anniversary celebration. 

‘I Love You’ Cake

‘I Love You’ Cake - romantic anniversary cake designs

You don’t have to necessarily go over the top to show your love and affection for your significant other. A romantic wedding anniversary cake design such as this one can make your loved one feel really special. We can’t get over how simple, yet elegant this cake looks! 

Geometric Heart Anniversary Cake

Geometric Heart Anniversary Cake - romantic anniversary cake designs

This anniversary cake has a pleasing geometric design with an epic colour combination that screams love- red, gold and white! The faceted hearts resting on top of the cake make this a beautiful anniversary cake design. 

Peach & Gold Themed Floral Bouquet Cake

Peach & Gold Themed Floral Bouquet Cake - anniversary cake design for couple

We’re loving how sophisticated and elegant this wedding anniversary cake design looks! The use of florals and the wafer paper leaves make this cake stand out. 

Lovebirds Tiered Cake

Lovebirds Tiered Cake - romantic anniversary cake ideas

There’s something undeniably special about a tiered cake! This pink-coloured tiered cake features two lovebirds on top symbolizing love, endearment, and affection. This is a great anniversary cake design idea if you’re looking to impress your bae and make them feel special. 

Simple Anniversary Cake Designs

Not a big fan of over-the-top decorative cakes? Well, we have something for you too! Here are some simple anniversary cake designs that are perfect if you and your partner love all things minimal and simple. 

Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake

Heart Shaped Red Velvet Cake - simple anniversary cake design

Looking for a simple anniversary cake design? There’s nothing more romantic than simply expressing how much you love your bae with a heart-shaped cake! Make your anniversary memorable by surprising your loved one with this heart-shaped anniversary cake. 

Cubical Textured Cake

Cubical Textured Cake - best anniversary cake design

While this anniversary cake design is quite simple, what makes it stand out is the unconventional shape of this cake. Circular cakes are quite common, so instead of that, you can opt for a cubical cake like this, that is sure to garner attention at your anniversary celebration. 

Mirror Glazed Bundt Cake

Mirror Glazed Bundt Cake - simple anniversary cake design

While Bundt cakes usually look really simple, it’s the mirror glazing on this cake that adds to the beauty. This simple anniversary cake design looks really impressive, without being extravagant and over-the-top. 

Milestone Anniversary Cake

Milestone Anniversary Cake - romantic anniversary cake designs

Are you and your partner celebrating a big milestone anniversary? Then this occasion demands a significant cake that can represent the growth and strength of your beautiful relationship. Instead of going for a basic cake, opt for a numerical milestone anniversary cake that depicts the number of years that you have been together. While this may be a simple anniversary cake design, it can be truly special! 

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We hope these wedding anniversary cake ideas helped you decide the kind of cake you wanna surprise your partner with! Which of these anniversary cake designs did you love the most? 

Featured Image: cakes_project on Instagram, IGP.com

27 Oct 2021

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