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10 Wedding Cake Bakers Every Bride-To-Be Should Follow On Instagram!

10 Wedding Cake Bakers Every Bride-To-Be Should Follow On Instagram!

No celebration is complete without a cake, especially a wedding and we love how couples are getting creative while choosing their wedding cakes. From cakes that look like masterpieces to the ones with toppers that resemble the bride and groom, cakes have evolved over time. 

If you’re planning a year-end wedding and looking for inspiration, you have got to start following these bakers on Instagram right now!

1. Joonie Tan Cake Artist


If you’re looking for all things ‘sweet’ and beautiful, Joonie Tan is the person you need to follow right away. Not only do her cakes look amazing, but she’s also considered one of the bests in India.

Follow Joonie Tan here

2. The Hot Pink Cake Studio


The list of wedding cake bakers cannot be complete without The Hot Pink Cake Studio. The cute looking sculptures as toppers and bright colour combinations are bound to steal everyone’s attention.

Follow The Hot Pink Cake Studio here

3. Tuli Cakes


What makes Tulika Verma’s cakes a bit more special is her attention to detail. She offers a wide range of exciting flavours to choose from. If you’re looking for something that is elegant and spectacular, Tulika is your go-to person.

Follow Tuli Cakes here

4. Cake Central Design Studio

For cakes that are larger than life, the Cake Central Design Studio is the right place to be. Headed by chef Natasha Mohan, Cake Central offers designer 4D and 3D cakes with a range of exotic flavours like Mint, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua to name a few.

Follow Cake Central Design Studio here.

5. Dale’s Eden Cake Shop


With an experience of over 18 years in the industry, Dale’s Eden Cake Shop is one bakery that will never disappoint you – neither with their quality nor with their taste.

Follow Dale’s Eden Cake Shop here.

6. Pumpkin Bakes



If you want a cake that’s simple and elegant with classic flavours to choose from, you can totally count on Pumpkin Bakes to make it for you.

Follow Pumpkin Bakes here.

7. Cakecstacy



Prajakta Agnihotri, the founder of Cakecstacy, makes sure that she gives her clients exactly what they’re looking for. She specialises in wedding and personalised cakes. Do check out the page.

Follow Cakestacy here.

8. Zoes Cake Studio



Looking for a glam tiered cake for your reception night? Zoes Cake Studio’s Insta page is full of inspiration for you! The intricate details and elegant designs make them one of our faves! 

Follow Zoes Cake Studio here

9. Chetna Bakes



Chetna Bhardwaj’s cakes are all about a splash of colours and personalised designs. Not only are the cakes pretty, but they are also finger-licking good!

Follow Chetna Bakes here.

10. Anuhsious



Their cakes are unbelievably gorgeous and they offer a wide variety of flavours to choose from. Do you need any more reasons to follow them now?!

Follow Anuhsious here.

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Featured Image: Instagram – Anushious/Chetna Bakes/The Hot Pink Cake Studio


26 Mar 2020

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