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Dubsmash & 9 Other *Fun* Ideas For Your Wedding Video!!

Dubsmash & 9 Other *Fun* Ideas For Your Wedding Video!!

Every desi wedding has a crazy side to it. From capturing the candid scenes to the moments that become a treasured memory of a lifetime. Make sure to capture it in real fun ways in your wedding video with these tech savvy features that will surely impress.


1. Mix it up

Remember those fun mix tapes from the 90s that were made to order? Apply the same concept of mixing the scenes up in your video. Skip chronology.

2. Boom boom boomerang!

One of the best things that happened to Internet (Thank you Instagram) You just can’t get enough of capturing candid shaadi scenes in boomerang. Have fun.

3. Dubsmash

If you can have the priest do one – NOTHING like it!

3 wedding video - deepika ram leela

4. Mannequin Challenge

Don’t think it’s so last year…if shot well, it’s never too late for this one.

5. Cinema shots

Your favourite scene from your favourite movie – just play it! Or better still, be the bindaas bride with your girlfriends in tow.

6. Play a sport

Bride side vs groom side – it can’t get more awesome than this. Shoot it.

6 wedding video - hum aapke hain koun

7. Slow motion

Do something silly…go slow. Repeat. This is boomerang in slow speed.

8. Have a video booth

Make them record clips of congratulatory messages and advice – you’ll love this bit the most in the video.

9. Interview the guests

From how do you know the couple to what does their future look like – the nation wants to know!

9 wedding video - emma watson

10. Photo story

From your childhood pics to when you met to dating/engagement days to now…add a perfect tune to it.

GIFs: Tumblr

08 Aug 2017

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