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10 Ways To Make Him Feel *Special* – Some Simple, Some Sexy!

10 Ways To Make Him Feel *Special* – Some Simple, Some Sexy!

Unlike us girls, men are simple creatures, very easy to please. While your man puts in so much effort to make you feel special all the time, you owe it to him to return the favor every now and then. Read on to know some incredibly cute, sexy yet simple ways to make him feel special.


1. TV + Pizza + Beer

Unlike us girls, it is rather simple to make a guy happy! Plan to watch his favorite programme on television with him whether it’s the Cricket World Cup or Football Championship or the Air Crash Investigations on NatGeo. And to go with it, order in his favorite pizza and beer and voila, he’ll have the perfect night with his girl by his side.

1 make your guy feel special

2. Tickle Those Happy Hormones

Compliment him out of the blue! Tell him that he’s special, lean in and kiss him when he least expects it… After all, every boy needs a little extra lovin’ every now and then.

3. Way To A Man’s Heart

Want to make your guy happy? Here’s a simple idea… Plan to cook his favorite meal for him. A #youtuberecipes could make the night even more exciting! And if you’re not much of a cook, try your hand at making him a nice cocktail to compliment an ordered-in meal instead!

4. A Massage Can Go A Long Way

Guys love massages! So if you want to make his day special, just plan a massage evening for him and pamper him. You could even follow this up with a nice aromatic bubble bath. And you’ll see a lot of love coming your way post this evening!

4 make your guy feel special

5. Surprise Date Night

Why not take charge and surprise him with a date night?! Chauffeur him to his favorite restaurant, have a table reserved and pre-plan in a way that his favorite food and drinks are served when you get there. And finally when you drop him home, give him that oh-so sweet goodnight kiss.

6. Be A Player

Organize a game night, slip into one of his loose jersey and give him head-on competition in FIFA or Call of Duty or whatever his favorite game is. Guys don’t say it out loud but they absolutely adore it when their girlfriends show interest in the things they love, at least once in awhile!

7. Say Hello To Super Girl!

Want him to have a night he’ll never forget? Make his ultimate fantasy come true! Sport his favorite super girl outfit, throw on some red lipstick and blow his mind away. Not so difficult, is it?

7 make your guy feel special

8. Exclusive Shopping Day! Not For You… Just For Him.

Yes, contrary to common belief, guys do occasionally like to shop! What better way to make his day than taking him out on an exclusive shopping date? Give your full attention to his shopping; choosing and helping him get the perfect look.

9. Because Couples That Work Out Together Stay Together

Offer to join him for his regular jog! It might take him by surprise but also make you realize that you’re don’t mind getting all glammed down and sweaty if it means that you’ll be spending time with him!

10. Private Lap Dance

Yes, you heard that right! Every guy fantasizes of getting a lap dance. So why not get into that sexy little black dress of yours and give him a private lap dance at home? This is sure to add that extra sizzle to your relationship.

10 make your guy feel special

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27 Jun 2016

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