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8 Ways To Look Even Better In Your Wedding Photographs!

8 Ways To Look Even Better In Your Wedding Photographs!

We’ve all been dreaming of our wedding since we were little, way, way before we even met our Mr Right. So, naturally, having perfect wedding photographs is so important since those memories will be immortalized. Don’t worry, we’ll help you ensure you look absolutely stunning in every picture of your big day. Follow these tips on how to look better than ever in your wedding photographs. After all, it’s the most important day of your life!

1. Flash Those Pearly Whites

1 look great in your wedding photographs

One treatment we definitely suggest every bride and groom to have done before D-day is a teeth-whitening session with your dentist. It will ensure a radiant smile and will definitely help boost your confidence. Be sure to get it done a couple of weeks in advance for a perfect white smile.

2. Stand Up Straight

The power of good posture translates into great pictures. Many of us have a tendency to hunch our backs without even realizing it. Remember to always roll your shoulders back and push your chest out a little for a perfect photograph.


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3. Show Some Love To Your Hands and Feet

3 look great in your wedding photographs

Bridal photos always include some candid shots of the ring on your finder and the gorgeous mehendi on your hands and feet. It’s so important to keep them moisturized and soft. After all, you don’t want cracked heels to ruin a great picture. Pay them some extra attention in the weeks leading up to your wedding, if you don’t already. Also, make sure your nails are manicured and pedicured to perfection.

4. Avoid That Double Chin

It’s horrible when you suddenly develop a double chin in photographs, even when you don’t actually have one! Be sure to elongate your neck and lift your chin up a tad bit before the camera flash goes off – this will help your chin look defined and narrow.


5. Take Pictures At Your Makeup Trial

5 look great in your wedding photographs

All you brides-to-be absolutely must have hair and makeup trials well in advance so you can be certain that you will look fabulous on your special day. Trials are important to help zero in on a look and also to see how you will look in photographs. Be sure to take plenty of photographs and selfies at your trial, including under natural sunlight to ensure your makeup looks great and not overdone. This will help you look better than ever on D-day, as well as in all the wedding pictures.

6. Find Your Better Side

Every girl has taken enough Snapchat selfies to know her better side – basically, the one that clicks better. Keep this in mind when your photographer is clicking you during the wedding. Also, if your outfit has some pretty detailing on the back or on one side, or your hairdo includes a side braid/ bun be sure to pose in a way that all of that gets captured in photographs.

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7. Try The “Model Pose”

7 look great in your wedding photographs

The classic red-carpet pose is a foolproof one for your wedding photographs. Take note from the stars, and angle your body slightly towards the camera – this will give you a slimmer profile. Put your weight on your back foot and remember to smile. You can also place one hand on your hip while doing this – the “teacup” pose is another red-carpet favourite.

8. Drink Lots Of Water!

We hate being a buzzkill, but try and lay off the booze during your wedding functions. Alcohol dehydrates you, makes your skin dull, and causes puffiness. Instead, keep sipping on loads of H2O to help you stay hydrated during those tiring few days. You’d rather look bright and glowy in your photographs, than hungover and dull!

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16 Aug 2016

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