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#SilkySmooth: How To Get The BEST Results When Shaving!

Waxing and hair-removal creams not your thing? Good news is, they are not as common as you’d thought! Everyone has a comfort zone they like to operate within – yes, even when it comes to hair removal! Till date, the most time efficient and convenient way remains shaving. And why not – it takes about five minutes, is anything but painful, and ensures smooth legs for that perfect night out (or in!). Like all forms of hair removal, shaving too has its pros and cons – the biggest con being that the smooth-and-soft results don’t last very long (a couple of days at max)! So, how do you help that? We tell you exactly how to make a shave last much longer!

1. Invest In A Good Quality Razor

Cheap razors with not the best quality of blades will give you just about average results. That’s why you need to spend just a little extra and get hold of a good quality one. The kind of razor that comes with a moisturizing strip and multiple blades. These types of razors will keep your skin smooth and will not cause damage your skin. FYI – if you spot “disposable” on the packaging of the razor, please get rid of it in maximum 10 shaves!

longest lasting shave results

2. Soak Up Those Legs!

Now, THIS is super important! Before stepping into the shower and starting the shaving process, fill your tub or bucket with warm, soapy water. Soak your legs in this water for 15-20 minutes. Now, start shaving your legs. You will notice that not only does the razor glide like butter on your skin’s surface, it also helps lessen the growth of your hair, eventually.

3. Spend Some Time On Exfoliation

Before you reach for the razor, grab your favourite skin scrub. Exfoliating before shaving helps get rid of dead skin cells and raises tiny ingrown hair, which could be hiding beneath the skin’s surface. You will notice that by doing this, you will be able to get a closer and a much more effective shave.

longest lasting shave results

4. Always Start By Shaving Upwards

The direction you shave in needs to be on point. Instead of starting from the bottom, start by shaving upward against the hair growth. Doing this will help you get rid of dead skin cells and will do a fab job at removing the tiny hair, which we tend to miss often.

5. Always Pick Shaving Gel Over Soap

Just before you begin shaving, apply shaving gel instead of regular soap. This ensures that the razor runs smoothly and glides effortlessly over the skin.The reason why we’re advising you against soap is because the soap froth clogs and spoils the razor. Also, the shaving gel keeps your skin moisturized, which a soap does not.

longest lasting shave results

6. Always Pat Your Skin Dry

After the shave, never rub your skin dry; always pat-dry the skin with a soft towel. Rubbing the skin can cause further dryness. As you apply the moisturizer after drying, the water on your body will get sealed into your skin. This extra moisture will prevent your skin from getting flaky and give it that natural glow!

longest lasting shave results

7. Use Aloe Vera And Sandalwood Paste After

Both these pastes have the power to reduce hair growth. After shaving your legs, apply any one of these pastes and it’s bound to improve your skin texture while slowing down the hair-growth process! As an added bonus, it also helps heal cuts and tiny wounds, just in case!

8. Seal The Deal With Body Oil

If there’s one last thing you’ve got to do, it has to be applying some natural body oil over the shaved area. Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil and Parachute Pure Coconut Oil are some great options. These fabulous oils will not only nourish your skin from deep within, but will also improve its texture!

longest lasting shave results

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05 May 2016

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