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How To Deal With Dark Circles – Without Using Makeup!

How To Deal With Dark Circles – Without Using Makeup!

Are dark circles and puffiness coming in the way of you and those perfect #NoMakeup selfies? Do you hate having to spend ages on that area with your concealer stick? Well, we give you a few ways to get rid of under eye circles and bags for good, so you no longer have to reach for your concealer. Follow these tips and go ahead and put up that #NoFilter picture, beautiful!


1. Make An Egg White Mask

A simple egg white mask is great for tightening the skin around your eyes and getting rid of puffiness. Just apply a layer of raw egg whites on the area and rinse off after 15 minutes (or when it dries).

2. Stop That Rubbing

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If you’re constantly rubbing at your eyes then that’s a problem. Friction causes pigmentation and darkening, especially in the delicate area around your eyes. Make a conscious effort to stop rubbing your poor peepers.


3. Almond Oil Massage

Gently massage the eye area with almond oil every day; this is a big step towards reducing those dark circles and bags. Do it every night before sleeping to wake up to fresher looking eyes.

4.   You NEED An Eye Cream With Caffeine

point 4 ways to get rid of dark circles

A caffeinated eye cream is an absolute must if you have a dark circle problem. Caffeine helps constrict blood vessels which basically reduces puffiness and under eye circles. We love Garnier Eye Roll-On. You can store your eye cream in the fridge so the cold works as an added bonus to lessen bags and puffiness.

5. A Cold Tea Compress

When you wake up in the morning, warm 2 tea bags in water, then squeeze out the excess water and place the bags in the fridge. Let them chill before taking them out and placing them over your eyes for about 15 minutes. The cold compress will help reduce puffiness and the caffeine in the bags help lighten dark circles and lessen those bags.

6. Pamper Those Peepers

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Unwind after a long day by relaxing with cold cucumber slices over your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. You can do the same with cotton balls soaked in rose water. Both will help your eyes look instantly brighter, more awake and combat bags and those dark circles.

7.  Prop Up Your Head

If you know that you won’t be getting in enough hours of sleep, prevent tired-looking eyes in the AM by doubling up on your pillows. By keeping your head elevated, the amount of blood and fluid that accumulates under your eyes is reduced, which helps prevent puffiness the next day. You can follow this up by applying a cold compress in the morning if you like.

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05 May 2016

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