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Enough! Vishal Kotian Needs To Take Responsibility For Distasteful Remarks On Shamita Shetty

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 23, 2021
Vishal Kotian


From being ranked among the most promising contestants this season to the current train wreck situation, Vishal Kotian’s Bigg Boss 15 journey has followed a downward trajectory. The blame for this goes only and only to the man himself for keeping up with his sly mannerisms and deceitful gameplay despite being continuously warned. From the host, Salman Khan to the guests in almost all of the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, everyone has tried to show him the error of his ways. But sadly, Vishal seems to be incapable of listening to any of this feedback. Blame it on his “main aesa hi hun” attitude that is causing more damage than he is able to comprehend. To make things worse, he is constantly going behind his well-wisher and closest connection, Shamita Shetty only to deny it on her face. All of this, of course, is looking horrible to the viewers and the questions asked by the media people in last night’s episode are proof enough.

Earlier this month, Vishal had made some problematic comments on Shamita’s boyfriend, Raqesh Bapat and said “Bohot bada haath maara hai apne bhai ne. Seedha woh Shilpa Shetty jo hai na, uski behen ko pata liya hai. Ab kya hai ki uske dum pe yeh show se woh show, woh show se yeh show karta rehta hai, uska chalta rahega.”

During last night’s interaction, a media person called him out for the same. She also asked him how on Earth was he planning to justify disrespecting his sister’s partner on national television and making such a tasteless remark on her. However, Vishal being Vishal was quick to launch a series of explanations which, of course, revolved around how he did not “mean it” and that it is his language. For the first time ever though, Shamita did not seem convinced and asked what could he possibly mean by saying “lamba haath mara hai?” Undeterred and unbothered by all the allegations, Vishal then made it worse by saying, “I mean kya kadak ladki patai hai” and went on to use words like “maal” as part of his explanation. He used all of these words for Shamita sans an iota of remorse and we are now seriously worried.

If this is who Vishal claims to be then we’d like to break it to him that he is problematic AF and here is why he needs to stop right now:

You Are Talking About A Loved One Behind Their Back. Constantly.

This is surely not the first time that Vishal has gone behind Shamita’s back and made problematic comments on her. Earlier too, he had talked about how he can manipulate, use and also, conveniently double-cross her for the game. Every single time, it has travelled back to Shamita and yet she has been nothing but patient with the man. Quite evidently, he looks at it as a weakness on her part and continues to exploit the soft corner that Shamita has for him. However, what surprises us the most is that Vishal often talks about how she is his sister, gets emotional about her, and continues with his antics despite promising that it won’t be repeated. How is this right? And how can he justify it time and again?

You Are Literally Objectifying Women!

We don’t think there is any way of justifying the use of words like “maal” or “kadak” for any woman. Vishal has been using his background as an excuse for all this behaviour but it is definitely not how it works. Even if he comes from a certain background or uses a certain kind of language, “maal” is an objectifying term and Vishal needs to understand that. A woman is not an object, a thing, or a possession which are all basically synonyms of the word that he has used. Also, even in movies and films, the word “maal” is always looked down on and it is rather strange that Vishal has no idea about it despite being an actor himself.

Stop When She Asks You To Stop!

Apun aesa ich hai (this is how I am)” is a senseless explanation or excuse when a woman tells you that you are making her uncomfortable. Shamita has always respected and accepted Vishal and it is only fair he does the same for her if he actually cares for her like a sister. Sadly, the simple logic seems to escape him. Last night, he kept arguing on how he did not mean anything wrong with the word “maal” even when everyone tried telling him otherwise.

When Pratik Sehajpal called him out by saying “would you use the same word for your mother or sister?” Vishal did not take a fraction of a second before saying, “yes, I would.” Later he even asked Pratik, if he does not call girls in Delhi “totta” and Pratik quickly shut him down by saying “no, I do not.” He also tried explaining that even if Vishal had not intended to insult Shamita by using the word, he should stop and apologise if it made her uncomfortable. That is exactly the point. If she is asking you to stop then that’s it and we are pretty sure that for someone who loves to play the narrator, Vishal has better words in his vocabulary to address a woman.

Lastly, we do feel like he has effectively sullied his bond with Shamita with his behaviour and it would be best for them to part ways and play individually. After a point, there is no going back and Vishal is already way past it. Here’s hoping that Shamita learns from the recent episode and sees Vishal for what he really is.

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