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Bigg Boss’s Bias Towards Shamita Shetty Is Ruining Her Game & This Is What The Celebs Have To Say

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Nov 9, 2021
Bigg Boss’s Bias Towards Shamita Shetty Is Ruining Her Game & This Is What The Celebs Have To Say


Bigg Boss has been accused of being biased towards certain gharwalas in the past, but the current season has set new records of favouritism. From covering up Simba Nagpal and Karan Kundrra’s misdemeanours to bringing in celebrity guests to save strong contestants, the show is breaking its own rules. Interestingly, the makers are ready to go to all lengths to make sure that Shamita Shetty is favoured in the house at all costs. TBH, BB 15 is slowly turning into The Shamita Shetty Show and nope, we are not happy about it at all.

Earlier, a little birdie had revealed that the Mohabattein actress was offered direct entry to season 15 after her stint on BB OTT. The rumours turned out to be true and well, we ignored it considering it a mere coincidence. But, what’s happening on the show RN is too much to handle. From roping in Shamita’s close friends as gharwalas to host Salman Khan turning a blind eye on all her wrong moves, the producers are putting little effort into hiding their biases. Honestly, this favouritism is working against the actress and several former BB contestants have voiced their concerns.


Shamita received special treatment in the house from the start as she was a former BB OTT contestant. Despite the perks later being revoked by BB himself, the actress continued to enjoy privileges as she was always assigned sanchalak duties during the tasks. Recently, the makers also roped in her Rakhi brother, Rajiv Adatia, as the first wild card entry.

Now, her boyfriend Raqesh Bapat and BFF Neha Bhasin have also entered the house as wild cards and it looks like a mini family reunion. Not just that, BB is allowing them to share information from the outside world with Shamita and organising date night for the couple. Umm…ye zyada ho gaya, right?

Turns out, former BB players Kamya Punjabi, Moose Jattana and Shefali Jariwala think the same. They took to their social media handles recently and slammed the makers for their biases. Here’s what they wrote:

What About Other Contestants?

Kamya questioned Bigg Boss for being unfair to other contestants and tweeted, “Just started watching the last night’s epi of #BB15 n I feel why why why???? Why this special treatment? Why sending a friend n a boyfriend? This is so unfair for all the other contestants!”


What About The Rules?

During Bigg Boss 11, Priyank Sharma had to face severe consequences for breaking rules as a wild card and updating gharwalas about the outside world. Apparently, the protocols no longer exist because Neha and Raqesh have been constantly spilling info about the real world. Shefali pointed it out in her tweets and wrote, “How is one allowed to talk about what’s happened outside the house !! I was a wildcard too and it was strictly prohibited. #BB15 no rules …WTF! Yeh Kya ho raha hai (what is happening)!? Do I smell favouritism…”


Stop The Facade!

Moose recently shared a snap on her Instagram handle where Shamita was seen chilling with her friends. The BB OTT contestant wrote in the caption, “Shamita Rani in her castle made of Bhais and friends. Soon to be added Neha and Raqesh. The most boring people in history. Iski jaggah trophy Diwali pe dedo aur dikhawa khatam karo @ColorsTV (Give the trophy on Diwali and end this facade).”

Shamita is a strong contestant and her fans love the way she puts across her opinions. It is high time that Bigg Boss stops favouring the actress unnecessarily as it is doing her more harm than good. We’re sure that her individual game will get her farther in the show and not the biases.

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