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13 Unusual Gestures That Make Him Feel Loved

13 Unusual Gestures That Make Him Feel Loved

We think men don’t notice the little things we do for them, but here’s a secret for you – it’s always the little things we do that make them feel loved. Here are 13 unusual romantic gestures that warm his heart and make him fall in love with you, even more.

1. When you walk with him, holding him by his arm…

It’s like you’re super proud of having him by your side, and are totally showing the two of you off to the world – and he loves every bit of that!

gestures that make him feel loved

2. When you get some food delivered to his office, ‘coz his mom wasn’t home to prepare lunch!

He realises how in the middle of a busy work day yourself, you took time out to make sure he doesn’t skip lunch either – and that makes him feel like the luckiest guy alive.

3. When you’re watching TV together, and you unconsciously snuggle deeper into him during every romantic scene…

Till you’re practically curling up against him. Trust us, he probably enjoys that much more than the rom-com you’re watching.

gestures that make him feel loved

4. When you give him a good ol’ champi, followed by a shoulder rub, after he’s had a long day at work.

‘Coz sometimes a soothing massage is all that he needs.

5. When you plant a kiss on his cheek, when he least expects it…

And he feels his cheeks tingling right where your lips touched him, long after you kissed him.

gestures that make him feel loved

6. When you go shopping for yourself, and come back with a shirt for him…

Just because you think it would look super cute on him. That shirt, ladies, soon becomes his favourite.

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7. When he has a cold and you go over to his place and pamper him…

And he starts feeling alright. Much better than he felt, just a few hours ago.

gestures that make him feel loved

8. When you save the last bit of cake for him.

Only ‘coz you know he loves truffle from that bakery a bit too much!

9. When you read a cute couple meme, screenshot it and send it to him in the middle of the day…

And it brings a smile to his face, and takes his mind off work, if only for a few minutes.

gestures that make him feel loved

10. When you flaunt his accomplishments to all your friends.

And he beams inside and takes pride in your pride.

11. When you cheer for him from the stands, every time he’s playing even some friendly match.

‘Coz no one makes a better cheerleader than his own girl.

gestures that make him feel loved

12. When you do your hair the way he likes and dress up especially for him.

And he knows that you’ve made all this effort, only for him.

13. When you walk around in his shirt from last night, the morning after.

And every time he looks at you in it, he blushes at all the *fun* you had last night.

gestures that make him feel loved

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05 May 2016

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