6 Unique Nail Art Ideas That Are Great For Anyone Who Loves To Make Some Daring Choices

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 12, 2021
6 Unique Nail Art Ideas That Are Great For Anyone Who Loves To Make Some Daring Choices


Most weekends are my nail appointment days. So naturally, I hunt the ‘gram for the trendiest nail inspo through my weekdays, as one would. Last Thursday was the same – as soon as I got done with work, I shut down my computer and started looking for the trendiest nails that I might be donning for the next 10-14 days to come.

Somewhere during my stalking marathon, I came across some of the weirdest manicures that had me looking for more. It was almost as addictive and cringey as a hate-watch reality show. Somewhat like a tragedy you can’t look away from. While I still cannot comprehend the practicality, expression or the exact idea behind these nail arts, I will leave it upon you to decide that for me.

Let’s Look At Some Daring Choices

Less Nail Art, More Snot Alert

You’d be lying if you told me that this nail art does not remind you of cartoon snot. I wonder which setting would this be appropriate for. Scooby-Doo reunion?

Rotten Cheese Much?

It won’t be that hard to find a resemblance between rotten cheese and the nail design and colours this person went for. My only question – why?

All Things Reptile

If you’re a fan of the retile wildlife, maybe this is the one for you. But for us less experimental freaks who get creeped out by insects and reptiles, this is a hard no.

The Exact Definition Of ‘Too Much’

It is almost like they got a little too inspired by the museum statues. Get it?

A Fancy Cigarette Holder

I love how there’s a whole lotta trend statements here – like to the brim. However, it is too much of everything. But hey, it can double as your cigarette holder!

Hey Unicorn, Did You Lose Your Hooves?

Calling all unicorns to come and collect their hooves because this person seems to be wearing them as an accessory. It’s a crime – and fashion police are on their way.

Well, this was a fun and an interesting lot of manicures. But if it’s not your taste, you can definitely try something on your own that’s a lot more your vibe:

Would you ever try something like this?

Featured Images: Instagram