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Dear Future Husband, Forget Fancy Dinners, Here's How I Wish You’d Propose To Me Instead!

Dear Future Husband, Forget Fancy Dinners, Here's How I Wish You’d Propose To Me Instead!

Dear Future Husband,

Knowing the kind of person I am, by now you must have figured that I am not really into mush! Candle light dinners, and long drives don’t impress me. Oh, and don’t even try the champagne and ring trick, believe me, I might just swallow the ring! I wouldn’t even want you to go down on your knees… It is a big NO-NO for me. Instead think adventure, impromptu travel plans and lots of yummy food. So please do it differently, something that I would remember for a lifetime. Here are a few unique marriage proposal ideas, that’ll surely guarantee a YES!

Yours Only,

Your Future Wife

1. Since you know food is on my mind 24×7, you could probably think of cooking for me and promise to keep treating me with some lip smacking cuisines for the rest of our life. I guarantee, I will be blown! Oh, and a proposal with a home cooked meal always works.

1 unique marriage proposal

2. Take me to a stadium when India plays and give me the ring after our team wins. Tip: Choose a game where India is playing a weak opposition. *Wink*

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3. We go for a bungee jumping, together! You know I’m scared of heights but you act as a shield which is so cute. No matter how scared you yourself are, you would still want to do this with me. And believe me, a mid air proposal will always guarantee a YES!

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3 unique marriage proposal

4. Up above the world so high! How about you proposing me while we skydive? It gives you the chance to hold my hands and say it so up in the sky. It’s so romantic and adventurous too.

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5. Since we both share a common interest in books, I would want you to propose me at a bookstore, saying, “Let’s take our common interest in books a little more ahead… I love you.”

5 unique marriage proposal

6. In a movie hall where we would be watching our favourite actors, and you would say, “How about we watch all movies just with each other here on, even when we get old and frail?” I am just smiling thinking about the moment.

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7. Maybe, at the airport? You know all my travel schedules. I would want you to surprise me at the airport with a proposal of marriage.

7 unique marriage proposal

8. Do it on my parent’s anniversary. I would love to plan something special for them and you could surprise me by planning something even more special for me!

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01 Dec 2017

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