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6 Unexpected Ways Quarantine Is Actually Benefiting Your Relationship With Your Partner!

6 Unexpected Ways Quarantine Is Actually Benefiting Your Relationship With Your Partner!

The coronavirus pandemic has us all stuck at home and social distancing has become a way of life. Even though India has entered Day 30 of the nationwide lockdown, the number of positive cases are increasing every day. Amidst the global outbreak, several couples, who are in quarantine with each other, might be finding it difficult to cope with the situation. After all, we’ve never spent this much time together at home!  

While quarantine might seem like a punishment, we believe that there’s a silver lining in there. You just need to find it!

6 Unexpected Relationship Benefits Of Social Distancing!

If you’re quarantined with your partner in these unprecedented times, believe it or not, here are some unexpected ways your relationship might actually benefit from social distancing.

1. You Will Depend On Each Other More Than Ever


Considering the situation right now, you are depending on your partner more than ever, right!? Come what may, you’re going to turn to him/her for emotional support and otherwise. Relying on one another to fulfil the needs, typically filled by other people, can boost your emotional bond. It will also make you start trusting your partner more than ever. However, you have to remember that everyone deals with stress in their own ways, so cut each other some slack!

2. You’re More Likely To Be Honest With Your Partner

You and your partner are literally together 24X7 and that makes it almost impossible to hide your feelings from them. Not just feelings, we sometimes end up hiding petty little details from our partner. This time together will make you stronger as a couple. There will be disagreements and when they happen, be clear and communicate with your partner. 

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3. Quarantine Will Remind You What Makes You Guys A Team


Our busy schedules don’t really give us the time to do things that we once loved doing together. Under these circumstances, you have all the time in the world to reconnect and take a trip down memory lane. From doing the household chores to cooking for each other and indulging in hobbies you’d both given up, you’ll feel that sense of teamwork. It’ll make you realize that you two are all you ever needed!

4. You’ll Appreciate Your Partner More

We bet the quarantine is letting you focus your attention on things that you’ve never noticed before. You’ll be more appreciative of your partner for the little things they do for you, for the house and for your life together. They are your only support system right now and you know you’re both doing it all to make the lockdown period better. 

5. You’ll Be Better Listeners

Most definitely! We understand that you’re bound to get a little impatient, especially during such unprecedented times and that’s okay! But these tough times will make you considerate, caring and empathetic to one another. Spending all this time together will make you better listeners as well.

6. You’ll Learn To Find Happiness In The Little Things


While much of what is going on in the world can feel overwhelming, spending the day with your partner doesn’t have to. Getting dressed up and going for a fancy date night might have made you happy in the past, but being together at home all day will make you find happiness in the little things – as simple as playing a puzzle or watching a movie together. 

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So guys, find your silver lining and stay happy! This too shall pass!

Featured Image: Instagram/Anushka Sharma

22 Apr 2020

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