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13 Uncommon Housewarming Gifts That Will Brighten Up Any Home Without Breaking The Bank!

13 Uncommon Housewarming Gifts That Will Brighten Up Any Home Without Breaking The Bank!

Aren’t housewarming parties fun? I absolutely love attending and hosting them! If you too have some friends who are embarking on a new adventure together or perhaps, renting an apartment together – we’ve found you the cutest gifts to give them. And no, they’re not like those lame casseroles, trays and mixer grinders you get as wedding gifts. They’re cute, quirky and I bet you’re going to end up buying at least one of these things for your own home! 

The Best Housewarming Gifts

The easiest way to give the perfect housewarming gifts is to know a little bit about the people whose home you’re going to. What are they like? Do they like traditional or modern things? Are they fitness junkies or do they love binging? Simple facts like these will help you pick the perfect housewarming gifts, every single time.


Tribe Breakfast Set

Are your friends morning people? This breakfast set is perfect for your 7 am club. It includes one coffee mug, two plates and one spoon. If they’re early risers, they will really appreciate having this adorable cutlery for the most important meal of their day. 

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Grazillion Gold Planter

It’s always good to have a burst of greenery at home. Plants purify the air and add charm to your home. If your friends are plant-friendly folks and will remember to water it every day, get them this gold planter. It’s elegant, classy and will add a boho touch to any space.

POPxo Shop Rainbow Doormat With Glitter

While this might not be a conventional housewarming present, you can always toss it in as a bonus. It’s bright and bubbly and the perfect choice for an all-girls apartment. This adorable rainbow mat will add vibrancy to any area. If you want to brighten up a dull doorway, it’s a perfect choice.


Table Lamp

Don’t know too much about your friend’s tastes? This table lamp will be a safe bet. The combination of white and blue is a classic choice and will complement any modern aesthetic. 

Mr and Mr’s Mug Set

If the housewarming party is at a newly married couple’s house, this adorable Mr and Mrs mug set is absolutely aww-dorable. The mugs are a little bit of white, a hint of gold and totally Instagrammable. Did anyone say #CoupleGoals?


Chalkboard Map DIY

This chalkboard map is a great gift to give your globetrotting friends. They will love, cherish and appreciate having a visual memory of all their travels. Toss in some cute push-pins along with the chalkboard so that they can pin down the destinations they’ve already visited. 

Wine Wall Clock

A wall clock is one of those items that makes your wall feel complete. While cool wall clocks for living rooms are entirely personal and dependent on the vibe of the decor, this wine wall clock is perfect for every single kitchen. Toss it into your bag of housewarming prezzies and your friend will be thinking of you every time its wine-o-clock. Geddit? 


Smoothie Maker

If your friends are fitness enthusiasts, this smoothie maker is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s tiny, powerful and so handy. You can use it to make smoothies, puree foods and even make chutneys. It’s really compact too so it can totally replace that conventional mixer-grinder. 

Fairy Lights

No amount of fairy lights can be too many, am I right? This gorgeous LED-light can be used as a light curtain or even in your balcony. It’s 6 feet long and 3 ft tall, it’s going to completely transform the look of any room. Your friends can use it as a room divider or as mood lighting! 


Incense Diffusers

If your friends love all things scented, this ultrasonic diffuser is the perfect addition to any bedside table or entryway. A few drops of essential oil and a small cup of water poured into it will turn any living space into a fragrant paradise. It makes a wonderful housewarming present and a wonderful addition to your own house. 

Rose Gold Glass Vase

This rose gold glass vase is a gorgeous addition to absolutely any household. No matter what the home decor in your friend’s house is, this beautiful vase will adorn any corner. You can use it for fresh flowers or even toss some tea lights into it. 


Gold and Black Cutlery Set

Buy a few pieces of this gold and black cutlery set and add a few gold and black marble coasters to the mix and toss everything it into a cute gift box. I bet it’s going to be the prettiest cutlery set your friends will own. 

Phillips Coffee Maker

A coffee maker will receive a warm welcome to any house that has one or more caffeine addicts. It’s a great gift and an even better start to the morning! Your friends will be eternally grateful to you for this thoughtful gift. 


Do you like these uncommon housewarming gifts? We’d love to know what you thought about this compilation!

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11 Jul 2019
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