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Umar Riaz & Rashami Desai Are The Latest To Catch BB 15’s ‘Pyaar Ka Bukhaar’ & Things Are Going To Get Interesting

The Bigg Boss 15 makers are currently struggling with plummeting TRPs. From wildcards to shocking evictions and random twists, they are literally trying it all to make this season a hit but nothing seems to be working. TRP-wise, it is one of the slowest Bigg Boss seasons to date. Now, while you’d expect the contestants to be alarmed by the current state of things, looks like they couldn’t care less and have retired to their own dreamy worlds. This is something that the host Salman Khan has already said about Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash. However, they are clearly head over heel in love and making the most of the time that they are getting to spend with each other. Meanwhile, there are also those who are playing cupid in the Bigg Boss house without giving two hoots about how the show might be performing right now. Well, yes, we are talking about Rajiv Adatia who was has been trying to set up Umar Riaz with Rashami Desai all this while.


Umar and Rashami have been enjoying each other’s company in the house and both the fans and co-contestants have been shipping their beautiful bond. In fact, #UmRash is already trending on social media and last night’s conversation between Rajiv, Umar, and Rashami is sure to add fuel to this fire.

Last night, Rajiv could be clearly seen on a mission and playing Cupid as he tried to convince Rashami to start dating Umar. He opened the conversation by saying, “Doctor hai, sorted hai, settled hai, good looking hai, dil ka achcha hai, khana banata hai, bartan dhota hai. Aur kya chahiye tumko. (He is a doctor, all sorted, well settled, good looking, kind heard, can cook well and also does the dishes. What else do you want?),” He also told the actress that it is quite clear that Umar likes her and that she should totally date him. “Tum pagal hai, tum isko date nahi karega toh. Main tumko bata raha hun. (I am telling you, it would be so stupid if you don’t date him).”

Rashami started smiling at this point and asked Rajiv to talk her up as well. This is when Umar who was obviously enjoying the conversation interrupted and directly asked the actress, “Theple aate hain tujhe? (Do you know how to make theplas?).” He was, of course, kidding and Rashmi being a true sport levelled up the flirting game, looked into his eyes and said, “of course, I can make theplas.” Here, watch the entire exchange:

We gotta say that this definitely is one of the most adorable Bigg Boss bonds to date and it would be interesting to see how it blossoms in the coming weeks. That said, with the current rate, Bigg Boss can very well be renamed to Splitsvilla 2.0 and honestly, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in this show’s history.

Featured Image: Instagram

07 Dec 2021

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