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Karan Kundrra Just Called Himself Tejasswi Prakash’s Boyfriend & We Are Beyond Excited

Karan Kundrra Just Called Himself Tejasswi Prakash’s Boyfriend & We Are Beyond Excited

OMFG! We are jumping with joy RN and we have all the right reasons for it. After weeks of anticipation, Tejasswi Prakash just made things official with Karan Kundrra in Bigg Boss 15. While we are sure that all the #TejRan fans out there are celebrating, there is a twist in the story.

Let’s start from the beginning! Recently, Bigg Boss 15 participants got a chance to talk about their journey in the house during a conference. During the event, Tejasswi was questioned about her relationship with Karan. Without skipping a beat, the Swaragini actress confessed that their bond is not for the sake of the game and accepted the relationship! (BRB, just imagining countless Bigg Boss scenarios featuring #TejRan )

Tejasswi admitted that she never planned to get involved with someone in the house. She said, “I had never imagined in my life that I would fall in love on any reality show or for that matter Bigg Boss 15 because I find it very cliche. I’ve always stayed away from male actors and there have been no rumours about me with any of my co-stars. “

The actress added even though there is an age gap between her (29 years) and Karan (37 years), she is okay with it. “The age factor can never be a problem for me as you know I’ve done a show like Pehredaar Piya Ki. I have been the lead in it. My father is also 10 years older than my mom, so the age gap can never be an issue.”

That’s as official as it can get! Is this just us or is Tejasswi actually hinting at the possibility of marriage with Karan?

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Surprisingly, Karan dodged the question when he was asked about his relationship with Teju! The actor said, “Before coming to Bigg Boss I had shared with the media in my interviews that I am not going inside the house to find love. But after coming inside the house, I found a companion like Tejasswi in the house and a friend like Umar, these things I never planned to do… It just happened because there are things which are beyond my control.”

The actor added, “Tejasswi ke taraf se main boyfriend hoon (I am Tejasswi’s boyfriend according to her).”

It appears that Karan would need a little more coaxing to make things official! Until then, we are just gonna manifest a grand romantic proposal in Bigg Boss house…

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22 Nov 2021

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