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Ufff! 8 Cute Rashami Desai-Umar Riaz Moments That’ll Have You Convinced These Two Are Written In The Stars

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Dec 8, 2021


Currently, Bigg Boss 15 seems to be spiralling into a big, irretrievable mess. The TRPs continue to drop despite all the desperate attempts that makers are trying to make. The new set of wild cards is as irritating and intolerable as it gets. No task has been properly completed in the last two weeks. Oh and, wait for it, Rakhi Sawant has won the ‘Ticket To Finale’ now. Basically, everything that could have possibly gone wrong with Bigg Boss 15 is actually going wrong right now. The only saving grace? The beautiful bonds that some of the contestants have managed to forge inside the house with Umar Riaz and Rashami Desai’s friendship being one of them. 

As you might be aware, these two have been good friends for a couple of years now and are finding comfort in each other’s company in the Bigg Boss house now. Oblivious to everything around them, Umar and Rashami have been spending a lot of time with each other and it is their cutesy moments that we particularly love to watch. From randomly dancing in the living room to their late-night flirting, we are currently digging it all. They are adorable together and here are nine adorable #UmRash moments that are too cute to handle:

Supporting Each Other, Literally


Look carefully and you’d notice how Umar has been supporting Rashami with his feet so that she can sit comfortably. Now, isn’t that cute?

The Intensity Though!


#UmRash act like they are ‘just friends’ in front of the camera but ‘The eyes, chico. They never lie.’ Case in point–this very intense moment from the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Better Together


Umar Riaz has been a very interesting contestant from Day 1 of Bigg Bos 15. That said, Rashami’s company is surely suiting him nice and we gotta say that they look damn cute together. *Touchwood*

Nach Baliye Time?

If you can’t do clumsy waltz moves with your partner randomly in the middle of the living room, do you two even like each other?

Happy Babies

Imagine being so smitten by each other that you manage to create a happy moment right in the middle of a chaotic fight. That is #UmRash for you.

Such Kiddos

Both Umar and Rashami are kids at heart and that is one quality that keeps them together. You will always find them messing with each other, playing pranks, and giggling like school children. Look at Rashmi being all mischievous in this video and you’d know what we are talking about.

Ohho Possessive

If you ever thought that Umar and Rashami are just friends with no romantic feelings for each other, we insist that you watch this video of the actress getting all worried about the possibility of him having a girlfriend outside.

Full On Flirting

Oh but it is not all fun and games for these two and there are moments when Umar and Rashami like to indulge in some serious flirting. We’d also like to take this moment to appreciate Rajiv Adatia who has been playing cupid for #UmRash all this while.

Love Actually


We dare you to say that this is not sachcha pyaar after taking a good, hard look at this picture. Seriously, try!

Tell us fam, which of these #UmRash moments did you love the most?

Featured Image: Twitter