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A Bigg Boss 15 Contestant Has Won The Ticket To Finale & The Name Is Irritating The Hell Out Of Us

Just woke up and am definitely beginning the day by starting a petition for renaming ‘Bigg Boss 15‘ to ‘Bigg Boss Kuch Bhi Ho Raha Hai.’ The name, after all, succinctly describes the current situation of the show. Since the beginning of the season, the makers have been introducing one random twist after the other. First, it was the jungle theme and those living outside the house had to make a carpet to find their way in. Then suddenly, the makers forgot all about the carpet and the contestants had to choose between two options—leave the show or surrender their prize money and enter the main house. When that did not work, a VIP room was introduced in the house so as to divide the contestants into two teams. In less than a week following that, the VIP room was dissolved and, wait for it, reintroduced with a set of wild cards who entered the house with a lot of entitlement and unconditional immunity.

The funniest part? The majority of the people from this new set of wildcards are ex-Bigg Boss contestants who have been given a new chance to win the trophy along with VIP privileges. Fab. So many perks for losing the show!

Bold of the makers to assume that these ‘VIPs’ wouldn’t exploit their powers and looks like it is already backfiring. The wild cards are currently on a mission to sabotage each and every task performed by the non-VIPs so that they never lose their privileges as well as their immunity. To their absolute horror, the makers have finally noticed the same and are now going to dissolve the VIP-non VIP format again, ‘coz why not!


However, something horrible has happened amid all this chaos and confusion.

Some bright minds from the creative team thought that it would be an excellent idea to conduct a ‘Ticket To Finale’ task in just the 10th week of the show right before dissolving the VIP room. Ummmm, let’s just say that it did not go well. For starters, only VIPs who have already won a second chance at the show were given an opportunity to secure a position in the finale week which is as unfair as it gets. Oh, and if you consider Rakhi Sawant and Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s case, then it is their third chance literally! In fact, Rakhi was legit one of the finalists last season and opted for a voluntary exit by taking the money suitcase. Guess what? She won the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task last night!

Seriously, Rakhi, who has spent less than two weeks in the Bigg Boss 15 house and surely didn’t deserve further shortcuts, is in the finale week. Slow claps to that and the brilliant makers who should not be allowed to create any shows anymore because they are clearly doing a shoddy job. Why bother asking us to vote when they are anyway going to find a way to push their favourite constants to the finale by hook or by crook?

Perhaps for a fraction of a second, the makers would want to consider the fact that it has been a tough year for everyone including both their viewers and contestants. Asking these contestants to act in a certain way (that more often than not, involves aggression, drama, and selfishness) might be an overbearing expectation right now. Also, perhaps the audience does not even want to watch the show for endless screaming and fights anymore. On Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan might act like they are looking for dignity and relationships, but the selection of their wild card contestants is enough to reveal their real intentions.

This might sound wild to the Bigg Boss makers but how about they just let the season proceed organically with viewers deciding who gets to stay and who leaves the show? Might make the audience feel that they are not being taken for a ride, you know! Oh, and it would definitely be a ‘new twist’ given that the makers have manipulated almost every eviction this season. Win win, I guess?

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08 Dec 2021

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