Magic Is In The Details: Here Are 25+ Sleeve Designs That You Should Know About

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different types of sleeves design


Sleeves style reign numero uno among some of the most raging hot fashion trends this season. From defined mutton chops to subtly puffed cap beauties, everything is game right now depending on your style and how much you’d dare to experiment. Sans an iota of doubt, sleeve styles are the most interesting fashion details currently and we insist that you play around. And just in case you lack inspiration, here is a curation of 25+ types of sleeves that you should know about.

 Types Of Sleeves On Dresses

While simple cap sleeves on a midi dress can give it a polished, formal appeal, the same dress can be converted into a party dress with exaggerated puff sleeves. As you can tell, sleeves can indeed make or break a look especially in the case of a dress. Here are four different types of sleeves on dresses that are pretty trendy right now:

Cape Sleeves


This type of long sleeves design is currently a huge hit when it comes to party wear outfits.

Kaftan Sleeves 


This type of sleeve is mostly undefined and generally merges with the bodice for a draped albeit relaxed touch.

Understated Bishop


These things are identified by a slight puffed-up effect and cinching that is done at both ends.

Stringy Sleeves


These sleeves feature a string detail that can be used to tie down the sleeves or define them in a particular way.

Types Of Blouse Sleeves 

When it comes to blouses, it is, of course, the sleeves that show the most. In case you are looking for some trendy designs, here are four types of blouse sleeves that are currently trending:

Elbow Sleeves


Trusty and failproof, this type of sleeve has become the classics when it comes to blouse designs and rightly so.

Puff Sleeves


These types of blouse sleeves are identified with their small size and delicately puffed designs that cinches at the bottom.

Off-Shoulder Sleeves


Perfect for glamm soirees and shindigs, these types of sleeves do not rest on the shoulder and are worn below the delt. From long ones to short sleeves, you can select them all in this style.

Three Fourth Sleeves


A great option if you wanna do a timeless look, this type of sleeves for saree blouse is as classic as it gets.

Types Of Sleeves In Kurtis 

In case you are currently planning to get your suit custom-made, it would be helpful to explore all types of sleeves in kurtis beforehand. Here are some options:

Fitted Full Sleeves


Every bit elegant and impactful, this type of sleeve goes best with crisp cotton kurtis. However, make sure that the fitting is perfect and is not too loose. 

Elbow Length


Easily the most preferred choice among the suit connoisseurs, this is the type of sleeves in kurtis that can go with a number of fabrics and designs.



The prettiest of them all, this type of full sleeves will look perfect for occasion wear and heavy outfits. 



You can go for a variety of cut-out details to give your kurti a unique touch.

Types Of Sleeves On Tops 

Trust us when we say this–half of the style in your tops is because of the sleeve design. Thus it only makes sense that you are well-versed with types of sleeves on tops to remain at the top of your style game:

3-D Effect Sleeves


A specialty of designers like Gaurav Gupta and Amit Aggarwal, this sleeve design is striking, to say the least, and would be perfect if you seek to make a statement.

Poet Sleeves


Flared on the hem, these are different types of sleeves that have a lasting visual effect and thus the name “poet sleeves.”

Shirt Sleeves With A Twist 


The world is your oyster with this kind of sleeve design ‘coz all you need to do is give it a unique touch on the hem.

Drop Shoulder Bishop Sleeves


This full-bodied sleeve style is recognized by a generously rounded puff that starts at the centre of your biceps instead of shoulders.

Types Of Puff Sleeves

The daintiest of them all, puff sleeves have a fan base of their own. We are sure that you have not been untouched from the allure as well and thus here are different types of puff sleeves that you need to know about:

Off-Shoulder Balloon


These types of puff sleeves look great on gowns and dresses and start at the bicep area instead of the shoulders.

Poet Sleeves With A Twist 


These types of puff sleeves are characterised by a subtle draping effect that gives them a dreamy appeal.

Circular Flounce


Generously flared and defined, this type of sleeves work great on tops.

 Types Of Bell Sleeves

If you are looking for a dainty and feminine sleeve style, then bell sleeves would fit the bill perfectly. Here are the types of bell sleeves that should be on your radar.

Circular Cup


Known for their shape that looks like an inverted cup, this type of bell sleeves can be made in a variety of sizes and cuts.

Classic Bell In Butterfly


Long and graceful, these sleeves have a touch of serenity to them.

Kimono Sleeves


Uber wide and comfy, this type of sleeves have been derived from Japanese kimonos and now appear in a variety of outfits.

Types Of Short Sleeves 

Like to keep your sleeves short? Here are all types of short sleeves that you should know about:



This delicately overlapping sleeve design takes after the tulip flower and thus the name. This type of short sleeves goes perfectly in tops and dresses.

Button Tab Sleeves


Very common in t-shirts, tops, and shirts, this type of short sleeve features button detail at the hem.

Butterfly Sleeves


Pretty, breezy, and oh-so-dreamy, this sleeve design is flared at the hem and can be cut asymmetrically if you wish.

Types Of Full Sleeves 

All for the full sleeves club? Here are three types of full sleeves that might interest you:

Marie Sleeves


These types of sleeves are recognized with multiple cinching at regular intervals in the design.  

Angel Sleeves


The most dramatic of them all, angel sleeves are as long and as flared as it gets.

Raglan Sleeves


Raglan sleeves cut through the shoulder with a piece of fabric in slight contrast to the rest of the separate. This type of sleeves are generally found on t-shirts and sweatshirts.


What are the different sleeve lengths?

Sleeves come in all shapes and sizes. That said, it is the short cap sleeves, long sleeves, elbow length, and three-fourth ones that remain the most popular.

Are medieval sleeves in trend?

With exaggerated details back in vogue, medieval sleeves are definitely a trend at the moment with some millennial updates that are sure to catch your eye.

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