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Stuck In A Style Rut? It’s Time To Style Up Your *Sleeve* Game With These Hottest Designs

Stuck In A Style Rut? It’s Time To Style Up Your *Sleeve* Game With These Hottest Designs

In the world of fashion, creating an outfit is never as easy as it sounds. When you go shopping, do you ever wonder why you notice the tiniest of details in your clothes before you buy them? That’s because everything matters. The different patterns, fabrics and colours – every little element is carefully chosen to ‘complete’ a look and compliment the other details in an outfit to make you look perfect.

Similarly, if one element can elevate your entire look, it also has the capacity to ruin it. Doesn’t it hurt when you see the colour of your favourite top fading out after a wash, a sequin getting detached or when a stitch begins to unravel? So, if something as little as a stitch can make all the difference in the world, imagine how much a design change can jazz up your overall sartorial style!


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We all know what a sleeve is, don’t we? It’s that part of our top/outfit that covers most of our arms. But if you’ve remained in fashion oblivion for most of your life, just like me – you’d have known only three kinds i.e. sleeveless, half sleeves and full sleeves. It’s only when I recently began experimenting with my clothes and unique forms of styles that I realised what I had *seriously* been missing out on!

When it comes to styling outfits, sleeves play a HUGE role! Every great outfit (literally) starts from this ‘top’ most priority. Didn’t you ever find yourself getting more attracted towards an outfit with unique sleeves than those with the ordinary ones? Obviously! This is because sleeves catch our attention, instantly! They have the ability to transform every plain outfit into something spectacular. And if paired with the right details, they can easily accentuate your entire look.

So, if you’ve been overlooking this fabulous portion of your outfits for the longest time, you need to give other factors a rest – and check out these different kinds of sleeve designs that are totally in vogue!

15 Amazing Sleeve Designs For That Classy Look

A different sleeve can add up the look of your outfit. Check out these 15 unique sleeve designs to keep your sleeve game strong. 


1. Cape Sleeves

Layering your arms and shoulders, these sleeves form an extension to the bodice area of your outfit and add an extra bit of glam to your look – whether they’re on a bridal dress, a long gown or a classy top.


POPxo Recommends: Maxi Tunic with Cape Sleeves (Rs 1,100) 

2. Kimono Sleeves

Inspired by the traditional attire of Japan, these sleeves are known for their wide, long and comfortable texture. They add an element of playfulness to your look and are perfect for summer tops or kaftan-style dresses.



POPxo Recommends: Lace Tassel Trim Drawstring Waist Kimono (Rs 1,378) 

3. Off-Shoulder Sleeves

These sleeves have always been in popular demand and look good on almost every form of clothing. They cover your arms while flaunting your collar bones and shoulders and look fiercely attractive.



POPxo Recommends: Smocked Off-shoulder Denim Dress (Rs 2,299) 

4. Open Sleeves

Much like the name, these sleeves are ‘open’ to various form of designs and are perfect for those who want to show only a part of their shoulders/arms without keeping them completely bare. 


POPxo Recommends: Open Shoulder Flounce Sleeve Blouse (Rs 1,079) 


5. Slit Sleeves

Did you check this new sleeve designs for tops? These sleeves are mostly long and come with a 3/4th of a slit in their lengths. They are more like open sleeves but only in some edgy parts. And this little show of skin makes the top look even sexier!


POPxo Recommends: Contrast Binding Slit Sleeve Top (Rs 751) 

6. Bell Sleeves

Resembling the shape of a bell, these sleeves are narrow on the top and bell-like wide in the bottom. These bell-bottom inspired sleeves were one of the most sought after trends in the 60s and 70s and have recently spread like a wildfire in the fashion industry, all over again.



POPxo Recommends: Faux Pearl Beading Tiered Sleeve Glitter Top (Rs 657) 

7. Angel Sleeves

These sleeves are long and flowy and resemble angel wings by flaring out from the bottom with asymmetric ends. They look gorgeous on both western and ethnic wear and are also very flattering! Angel wings are one of the most classic and different sleeve designs.



POPxo Recommends: Boat Neck Top with Angel Sleeves (Rs 699) 

8. Bishop Sleeves

These sleeves are known for their comfort as well as classiness. They are full-length sleeves but are loose and poofy at the lower ends with large cuffs at the wrists.


POPxo Recommends: Tie Neck Bishop Sleeve Satin Blouse (Rs 1,278) 


9. Puffed Sleeves

These puffy and comfy sleeves have been in style ever since their inception and continue to be a rage. They are short and gathered together at the ends to create a puffed-up silhouette and look super adorable on almost every kind of outfit!


POPxo Recommends: Schiffy Puff Sleeve Top (Rs 957) 

10. Raglan Sleeves

These sleeves personify ‘simplicity with a little bit of chicness’. They start at the collar and run diagonally towards your underarms like an extension of your shoulder. They are perfect for all kinds of bodycon dresses and casual tops.



POPxo Recommends: Raglan Sleeve Shirred Hem & Cuff Tee (Rs 350) 

11. Batwing Sleeves

We’re all aware of how a bat looks when it’s flying, aren’t we? Well, such sleeves are known to create a similar illusion. These sleeves have a deeper armhole and are usually fitted or thinned around the wrists to give it an element of chicness.



POPxo Recommends: Embroidered Batwing Sleeve Blouse (Rs 1,299) 

12. Ruched Sleeves

Ruched sleeves have become the hottest runway trend at the moment. They’re known for taking the simplest of tops and making them stand out with their funky details or gathered stitches around the top and bottom lengths.


POPxo Recommends: Ruched Sleeve Top Coral Pink (Rs 952) 


13. Flutter Sleeves

Flutter sleeves are mostly, half-length and fall in soft folds over the upper arms of an outfit. Feminine, dainty and super flirty, these sleeves are a perfect choice for summers or the hotter months of the year.


POPxo Recommends: Beige & Blue Striped Peplum Top (Rs 359) 

14. Petal Sleeves

These sleeves are delicately placed over the arms and have a flimsy strap as thin as the petals of a flower that flare outwards from the shoulder. They look perfect on all kinds of tops and dresses and add a sartorial elegance to your outfit.



POPxo Recommends: Contrast Piping Trim Keyhole Front Top (Rs 547) 

15. One-Shoulder/Single Sleeve

For those who want to channel a bit of sexiness, a single sleeve is a perfect choice. These captivating sleeves never cease to make an impression and accentuate your avatar effortlessly. One shoulder is definitely the most designer sleeve design.



POPxo Recommends: One Shoulder Bodycon Dress (Rs 2,399) 

So, if you want to try something different or jazz up your outfits, don’t forget to get these (designs) up your sleeve! *wink*

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21 May 2019

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