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Do You Know Your Braids? Here Are 16 Types Of Braids To Get You Through The Summer!

Do You Know Your Braids? Here Are 16 Types Of Braids To Get You Through The Summer!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew every type of braid at the back of your hand? Wait? Are you saying that you already know them ALL? Well, we bet you don’t know ALL the ones we’ve listed below. Why don’t you scroll to the bottom and mentally tick off all the ones you know? For the newer ones, you can always bookmark them and give them a try in your free time. Shall we begin? Here are 16 types of braids you should know about!     

1. The Fishtail Braid

types of braids fishtail


One of the most romantic hairstyles out there happen to be the fishtail braid. Even though this braid looks complicated, it takes very little time once you understand the movement. This braid is a two strand braid, so that makes it an easier task to learn already. To give the braid your personal touch of style, feel free to decorate your mane with ribbons, flowers and trinkets.

2. The Upside Down Braid

types of braids upside down


From the nape of the neck, begin with making a French braid and move your way upwards to make a high bun or ponytail. We wouldn’t say that this hairstyle is easy-peasy to do for sure. If you’re new to braids and want to give this particular one a shot, you can ask your bestie for help.

3. The Milkmaid Braid

types of braids milkmaid


If you know how to do a three strand braid, this one will be easy for you to do. Start by dividing your hair into two sections and do a regular three strand braid on both sides. Once you’re done with braiding, wrap both sections around the top of your head and use bobby pins to secure your braid.

4. The Dutch Braid

types of braids dutch


Kylie Jenner is a pro at pulling off a Dutch Braid. If she’s your source of inspiration, you must go ahead and give it a shot. Just how you would do a French braid, the Dutch braid involves crossing the hair beneath the braid instead of on top of it. With practice, you’ll perfect it!

5. The Rose Braid

types of braids rose


Rose braids are one of the most adorable and feminine ways to style your hair. You can either do a full rose braided bun or do a rose braid only for the crown area of your head. Like this picture, you too can braid the bottom section of hair to complement the rest of your look.

6. The French Braid

types of braids messy fishtail


With just a little bit of practice, anyone can master the art of doing a French Braid. It’s a perfect braid to wear when you’re on a date, travelling or working out. Since a French braid is tight and stays attached to your head, you won’t ever have to deal with pesky flyaways.

7. The Fossil Braid

types of braids fossil


The fossil braid is an exotic looking braid. It’s for women who want to make a statement. Considering how complex it looks, nailing the fossil braid can be time-consuming. Make sure you have lots of bobby pins and hairspray to pull this hairstyle off.

8. The Rope Braid

types of braids rope


Whenever you’re in a hurry and you have no time to style your hair, a rope braid will make life easier. It requires braiding of just two sections of hair individually. Use hairspray after to make sure that your hair stays put.   

9. The Waterfall Braid

types of braids waterfall


The reason why it’s called a waterfall braid is that it resembles a waterfall. Sure it looks tricky to do at first, but if you’re a pro at doing the French braid, then, you’ll find this hairstyle super easy for you to do.

10. The Crown Braid

types of braids crown


You know what will make you look like royalty? A crown braid, of course! These look aesthetic when teamed with backless gowns or off shoulder blouses. Pearly pins and fresh flowers look amazing on a crown braid.

11. The Spiral Braid

types of braids spiral


Be careful to not get giddy when doing this hairstyle! The GoT inspired braid is what dreams are made of. Usually, the braid is done like a bun, but this one is slightly more creative. Just the top section is braided, while the rest of your locks are allowed to be wild and free.

12. The Ladder Braid

types of braids ladder


This unique-looking braid is bound to fetch you many compliments! How it’s done, you ask? It’s a combination of a lace and a waterfall braid. Use the dropped sections of the waterfall braid and merge it with your lace braid. Yep, that’s a ladder braid for you.

13. The Boho Braid

types of braids boho


The beauty about Boho braids is that they’re meant to look messy, sexy and wild. This is the perfect summer hairstyle for the beach, a concert or while you’re on chilling on vacation. Also, if you’re up to playing with the vibe, we heard that flowers and gemstones too fantastic on this kind of braid.

14. The Pull-Through Braid

types of braids pul through bubble


A pull-through braid is just a series of ponytails fluffed up and pinned together. Don’t worry if it gets a bit messy. For the braid to stay put, you will need hairspray and a bunch of bobby pins to pull the braid together.  

15. The Frozen Braid

types of braids frozen


Don’t you just love Elsa’s hairstyle in Frozen? Well, you too can replicate this look by trying out this side braid. Wearing a summery dress and sporting this hairstyle will make you stand out from the crowd no matter wherever you are!

16. The Bow Braid

types of braids bow


Can’t find any hair accessories around the house? No worries! Make one yourself with the help of the art of braiding. These cute bows are a visual treat and can be perfected over time. You’ve got to try these out NOW!

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So, do we have your hair lookbook ready for whatever you have to do this summer?

13 May 2018

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