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7 No-Heat Hairstyles That’ll Look Good On ALL Hair Types!

7 No-Heat Hairstyles That’ll Look Good On ALL Hair Types!

Hair straighteners, curlers, heat rods and blow dryers - we all have this ammunition that makes our hair look gorgeous and so stylish! However ladies, we all also know that these heat tools damage our poor tresses and hamper hair health like nothing else can. Take a look at these 7 no-heat styles that will totally make your mane game strong, without damaging it.

1. Turn that volume up

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For this full and volumized look, all you have to do is apply some mousse to your hair and make a high bun before you go to bed. Open your hair just before stepping out of the house the next morning, and say hello to gorge hair that is full of life!

2. Twists and turns

A dreamy low bun like Sonam Kapoor’s here is simple to make and requires no heat styling. Comb your hair properly to make it tangle-free and collect all of it in a low bun. To add a tinge of pizazz to this bun, twist your hair on either side before securing those sections of your hair in the bun. Let a few strands of your hair fall free to frame your face, and voila… You have yourself a stunning hairdo.

3. Cascading tresses

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The waterfall braid looks beautiful on all hair types and lengths. It’s an almost foolproof method to look dreamy and princess-y, we think. All you have to do it wash your hair and let it air-dry before you begin to work on the cascading braid. This requires to heat styling tools. Just some hairspray would be needed to ensure the braid stays in place all day.

4. Bun-tastic


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Another bun, but it's a sleek one this time. This one isn’t too low or too high, making it perfectly comfortable and neat, for a day out with the girls, or a shaadi function. This bun is all you need to make a statement!

5. Beauty and the braid


Time to bring on the cornrows 💙💛💜 @pinka25

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 Braids starting on either side, right from the hairline and merging into one braid at the bottom - Jacqueline Fernandez sure knows her hairstyles well. This one is perfect for a day out or even a workout! It looks glamorous and one that will get you a ton of compliments. Pro tip: This is a  great way to get heatless beachy waves. Take this hairstyle to the gym and let them loose, spray some sea salt spray and you’re ready to party! Cool double whammy, right?

6. Pick that pony

No, we aren’t asking you to make the regular ponytail. Do it just like Deepika - collect all your hair in a low ponytail and then on the final loop just take it 1/3rd of the way and leave the rest creating a half bun. This is comfortable and stylish, both, isn’t it? And it will look good with curly or straight hair.

7. Beach vibes

7 no heat hairstyles

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A fine braid that starts at the hairline on one side and goes right across to the other side, while another one that starts right above the ear and goes at the back of the head. This Greek style braid will keep your hair in place and make you look so adorable. Give it a shot, ladies.