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Love To Doodle? Here’s What The Pics You Draw Really Mean!

Love To Doodle? Here’s What The Pics You Draw Really Mean!

Many of us doodle away without even realising it, but what do these doodles mean? Some of us draw houses and stars while others squiggle away our signatures time and again. You would be surprised to see just what these seemingly meaningless scribbles really reveal about your personality. Read on for deets!


1. Home Sweet Home

Doodles of houses tend to indicate what the doodler’s home life is like. A warm, inviting house that has things surrounding it suggests that the person has a happy and positive attitude towards their home and family. Isolated houses that occur in random landscapes or on top of hills suggest feelings of loneliness. Big houses suggest that the person has a moderately materialistic attitude towards life and wants to acquire such a property. Houses that are narrow and thin with closed doors and windows suggest an unwillingness to let others in and indicate that you may be pondering over something important.

meaning of doodles

2. Faces And Profiles

People who tend to draw profiles usually feel they cannot draw well. Profile doodles may also indicate that you have an introverted personality. The expression on a doodled face is often a good indication of the mood or character of the person who has drawn it. A nicely drawn, good-looking face suggests you see the good in others. If you sketch comic or cartoon like faces it may indicate your strong sense of humour.

meaning of doodles

3. A Game Of Chess?

The black and white chequerboard doodle is one that tends to be favoured by people who are prone to mood swings or those currently in a situation that requires having to weigh up outcomes. The doodle suggests a patient and persistent attitude.

meaning of doodles

4. Flowers And Foilage

Flowers tend to be drawn by family-centric, amiable and sociable people. Trees represent our egos and our ambitions, so it is most interesting to see the health of the tree and whether it is standing alone (feeling insecure and unprotected) or whether it is standing among flowers and other trees (indicating happiness and a love for family life).  

meaning of doodles

5. Matters Of The Heart

Not necessarily drawn only by the irrepressibly romantic; hearts are doodles of love. Love is on your mind or you are feeling optimistic and romantic about life in general.

meaning of doodles

6. Stairs And Ladders

These doodles are clear symbols of ambition and a willingness to put in the hard work required  to move up in life. Drawings of stairs and ladders also often indicate you have an important, long-term task in hand. They can represent a spiritual quest too – perhaps a desire to be happier or more relaxed.

meaning of doodles

7. Boats, Planes And Trains

Doodles of any form of transportation represent a desire to get away or to reach a goal. The faster the type of vehicle, the greater the haste to make a point or speed away.

meaning of doodles

8. What’s In A Name?

Doodling your name or initials is common for those who enjoy being the center of attention. What is interesting is whether one doodles their initials, their first name or their full name. While an initial is an indicator of habit, a first name indicates a desire to break free and do something with one’s’ life. The full name indicates a strong familial bond. Doodling someone else’s name, shows they are in your thoughts either romantically or because they present a problem you need to deal with.

meaning of doodles

9. Intricacies

Busy, highly-detailed doodles are often drawn by people with an obsessive nature, who simply cannot let go of what is on their mind (be it their goals, ambitions or their loved ones). This type of drawing is often a favourite with introverts but also of those who are having difficulties communicating effectively with the people around them.

meaning of doodles

10. Weaving A Web

This is most commonly interpreted as a trap, whether it’s the feeling of being trapped or the desire to entice someone into a particular situation depends on circumstances.

meaning of doodles

11. Written In The Stars

Stars are an exceptionally common doodle but ones that people draw in different ways. They tend to indicate a feelings of hopefulness and optimism. People who draw clusters of stars are usually very romantic people!

meaning of doodles

12. Squares And Boxes

Drawing a square indicates that you are currently having to think through a situation that  you want control of. If your squares progress to a cube or box, you’re likely to be a very efficient, analytical person who can deal with difficult situations with little fuss.

meaning of doodles

13. Figuring Those Stick Figures

Doodling a simple stick figure is something that is usually done by those who are feeling successful in life.  It tends to reveal someone who is in control of  their emotions and incredibly focused on their goals in life.

meaning of doodles

14. An Eye For An Eye

Eyes are a very common doodle and they are usually pretty intricate. They often reflect the feelings and personality of the person drawing them. Doodles of big eyes tend to reflect those that have outgoing personalities and small ones are reserved. Closed eyes may indicate a refusal to be introspective. Closed eyes are also usually drawn by those who lay great importance on feeling attractive.

meaning of doodles

15. Loops And Chains

Drawing loops or interlinked chains can indicate feelings of restriction – you might be feeling helpless in a relationship or in a job. Drawing a person in chains can show feelings of being very stressed.

meaning of doodles

16. In The Clouds

Fluffy clouds may indicate a happy person who is known to be a bit of a daydreamer. They also indicate a strong sense of freedom. Stormy clouds, however, can indicate feelings of sadness and a difficulty in coping with current situations.

meaning of doodles

17. Sunny Days Ahead?

Paradoxically when one doodles the sun their mood might not be as bright. These doodles indicate a lack of care and attention in your life. You may perhaps even be subconsciously desiring friendship and love. Try to socialize more. Call your friends and ask them out, go to the movies, or just have some fun.

meaning of doodles

18. WTF – Where’s The Food?

Drawing things to eat or drink may just occur when you find yourself very hungry! But it could also indicate a need for love, or a desire to be fulfilled.

meaning of doodles

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05 May 2016

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