Get Rid of the OUCH Factor: 8 Tricks to Help Make Waxing Less Painful!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 6, 2016


Ladies, we all know that waxing is better than shaving – but the major ouch! factor involved in ripping your hair off your skin may tempt anyone into picking up their razor instead of booking their next waxing appointment. While we know it can never be fully pain-free, there are several ways to minimize the agony of this hair-removal technique. These tricks to help make waxing less painful will definitely make the whole ordeal just a tiny bit more pleasant. No longer will you dread those monthly trips to the salon!


1. Cut Out the Acidity

Your skin can get more sensitive as acidity increases in your body. Drinking alcohol or caffeine a few hours before your appointment is a terrible idea, so make sure to cut out the fun stuff on that particular day. Refrain from making coffee plans with your bestie before you head to the salon, and make it a point to drink plenty of water instead.

2. Exfoliate the Pain Away

Prep your body before your wax by using a good body scrub like The Body Shop’s Chocomania Scrub to get rid of dead skin in your pores and hair follicles, which makes for easier exit for your hair. Smoother removal of hair plus soft skin makes exfoliation a double bonus!

3. That Time of the Month Is the Wrong Time

Do not make the mistake of booking yourself for a wax a week right before, during or right after your period, when your skin is at its most sensitive! Not only will it hurt like hell, but it can even cause your skin to swell. Two weeks before or after that time of the month is ideal as your threshold for pain is much higher.

4. Now Is The Time to Try Those Yoga Breathing Techniques

Your breathing can play a vital role in how much or how little it hurts when that strip is yanked off. It’s important to calmly take a deep breath when the wax is spread on and exhale when it’s pulled off. Holding your breath in anticipation is only going to make it worse, trust us!


5. Distract Yourself to Calm Your Nerves

Staring at the wax going on and off is just going to make it hurt even more than it should. Do yourself a favour and look away. Chat up the beautician, start playing Candy Crush or listen to some music on your headphones to help you concentrate on things other than your hair getting ripped out by the roots. Reading a book or a magazine also helps distract you from the pain and makes the experience go by a whole lot faster.

6. Don’t Grow a Jungle

You may try and delay it as much as you can, but waiting for your hair to grow fully is just going to make it hurt even more. We all know from experience that the more regular you are the less it hurts, so toughen up and get waxed every few weeks. The ideal time to schedule your appointment is when your hair is about half an inch long (or slightly more) so that it’s easy to grip and nothing gets left behind.

7. Pop a Pain Reliever

Swallowing an Aspirin or a Brufen an hour before your appointment can help dull the pain as well as calm your nerves. This is especially effective if you’re planning on waxing sensitive areas like your underarms or bikini region.

8. Take a Steamy Shower

Who doesn’t love a long, warm shower? And taking one before you start de-fuzzing is a especially smart move. Getting soaked up in hot water before your trip to the salon can help soften your hair follicles and open up your pores, making it easier for your hair to come off. Avoid cold water as that can tighten your pores instead of relaxing them.

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